I am sure most of you ladies can relate to the fact that many of the products in a makeup bag change from month to month. Whether it is because I am testing out new products, or found something on sale (I tend to buy makeup a lot based on price), or I got some free goodies in the mail, I tend to go through a lot of different beauty products! So I wanted to share with you what I have been using recently, and what I like and dislike about the products. (By the way, this post is not sponsored in any way!)


Currently I am working my way through two different types of liquid foundation: Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Hydrating Foundation and Clinique Superbalanced Makeup. I like both of these for different reasons: The Smashbox foundation is definitely a more thorough coverage foundation, so on days where my rosacea is acting up, or I feel particularly tired, I use the Smashbox foundation. I do find that it lasts a super long time as well, as per the advertising, but I can feel the foundation more throughout the day because it is a bit heavier. I use the Clinique foundation when I feel like something a bit lighter. It still does the job of covering up imperfections, but I find I need to use a bit more of it in order to feel like I have full coverage. I find this foundation particularly good on days when I want a more natural look, and am not so concerned about a heavy coverage.


Again, I am using two different concealers currently, and I actually use them both at the same time. No, not exactly the same time, but I mean I put them both on my face in my morning routine. I love my MAC Studio Finish Concealer to get at those dark under-eye circles. I use this under my eyes (and on any particularly red rosacea spots on my face) right after I apply my foundation. It covers really well, and I use a shade that is closest to my foundation to blend. I would have to say that dark circles and puffiness are my biggest enemies when it comes to makeup – I feel like I just always look tired! So after I apply the MAC concealer, I use a finishing powder or bronzer on my face to even everything out. Then I apply the rest of my eye makeup, and finally just before applying blush I use a lighter shade of Marcelle City Concealer to brighten up under my eyes and the tops of my cheekbones.


I am not a huge bronzer person, but I have gotten a few different products that I try out on days where I am feeling pale (c’mon SUN, get at me!). I have used Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer for a couple of years (I tend to use it more for contouring than full-faced bronzer) and I stick by this product for sure. The other bronzer I have been trying out is Physicians Formula Super BB #InstaReady and because it is a bit lighter than the Benefit bronzer, I do use it full-face, and sometimes in replacement of a finishing powder after foundation. I don’t use much, but it has a nice coverage and gives a healthy sun-kissed look.


Here is an area I am constantly trying out new products to change up the look of my brows. Since I only started filling in my brows recently (within the last year) I feel like I am still experimenting a lot in this department. I use 3 different products (not all in the same day, but on rotation!) to create a fuller and more shapely brow that isn’t “painted on.” Probably the one I use most is the brow palette from my Smashbox #ShapeMatters Palette. Because it is a powder, I find that it goes on the most natural and also the brush that comes with the palette is the perfect width for my brow, which also makes it the easiest to apply.
The second brow product I have been trying is the Benefit Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil. When I first got this pencil, I have to be honest, I didn’t really like it. But I don’t think I was using it correctly, to be fair. Now that I have tried it more, I really like the results. It definitely goes on with a bit more definition than powder, but I like that one end of the pencil has a spoolie-brush to help soften the look if desired.
Finally, I have most recently tried the Teeez Spoiled Rich Eyebrow Cream. Out of the 3 products I’ve been trying for my brows, this one gives the most definition to my brows. For me personally, I would say that this is not my “everyday brow” product, but I do use it when I want a more dramatic brow. I love the way that it goes on and stays on through the day, but since I am still a brow newbie, I do tend to shy away from anything too dramatic! Sometimes to soften the look, I apply a bit of the powder on top of this cream as well.


For mascara I have been using Teeez Bulletproof Curl Mascara which I just got, and am already in love with! It makes my lashes look full, but they aren’t crunchy or clumpy and it doesn’t flake off easily. So far, so good with this one! In the blush department, I am still regularly using my old favourite, Benefit Rockateur. Maybe it just works really well for my skin tone, but this has become my go-to for blush and I wear it year round. My current primer (when I remember to use it!) is Quo Nourish & Prime Hydrating Primer. It goes on like a nice moisturizer, smells nice, and helps my makeup to set nicely. I haven’t been using this for long yet, but I don’t have anything negative to say about it! I am also trying Quo’s Makeup Setting Spray, especially for those long days, and it seems to be working really well!
The last two products I want to mention are the Flawless in 15 Lip Serum and Kerastase Volume In Powder Spray. Although completely unrelated to each other, these are both new products to my daily routine that I actually LOVE. The lip serum can act as a gloss for a natural-looking lip, giving it some shimmer and shine while fighting signs of aging! I love how it smells, and makes my lips feel! The VIP spray is a hair product that I have been using with my hard-to-manage flat hair that gives it a boost of volume and texture. I am always looking for products to help with my volume-less hair, and I am holding on tight to this one!

Do you have any faves I should add to my list to try next? Let me know in the comments!


Kristin xx

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These all look fabulous! I would highly recommend trying Marc Jacobs bronzer or the Tarte eyebrow pencil. Swear by them! <3

Sweet as Fiction xx


Oh I will definitely have to try those out! Thanks for the tip 🙂


Thank you for sharing all the wonderful products you have found to be awesome lately. I love how you described each one in detail. I had never used a makeup setting spray but not going to lie now I might have to try one after your recommendation.
Since right now I am a student I like to try what is on sale this week I got the benefit tinted balm ChaCha for 8$ and the cheek tint for 12$ the balm smells like roses which I love rose everything so it was a lovely surprise. I love physicians formula but only the products that don’t contain talc or mica because I’m prone to breakouts from those ingredients they have excellent bronzes and their concealer lasts forever. The new Revlon mascara gives a lot of volume. I love all the quo eyeshadows!!!! I find them wearable. A tip to volumize your hair is to flip upside down and blow dry and spray then style as usual.


Thanks so much Sarah! And yes to the blow-dry upside down… I definitely do that as well! 🙂


To make it easier for me to fix my make up. I put it on my roadeavour’s travel toiletry kit! It’s clear and waterproof!

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