This past weekend, Dave and I attended a beautiful wedding in London, ON. Being later in September, I had chosen my outfit based on a somewhat cooler climate, and in classic Ontario fashion we were surprised with over 30 degree weather!! Not complaining whatsoever, though! I knew by the time the reception rolled around in the evening, it may be a little bit cooler and since it was indoors I figured the A/C would be pumping as well. So I decided to wear one dress to the ceremony and bring an alternative for the reception just in case. And it’s a good thing I did, because the first dress was satin and I managed to spill some water on it in between the ceremony and reception, leaving it temporarily marked in a few places.

Both of these dresses are from one of my favourite stores, Ever New, which is an Australian brand that has made it’s way over to Canada and is slowly making its presence known. Though these products were gifted to me, I do shop here super often! In the GTA there are now three locations: Square One, Eaton Centre and Vaughan Mills. I frequent the Square One location, myself. 🙂 I’ve linked both these dresses as well as the bag and earrings below for you. Happy shopping!




Kristin xx

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