You may have recently ready my “10 Things Pregnant Women Want You To Know” post and thought that I must hate being pregnant… But no, I just think it’s funny to be a bit sassy and sarcastic when it comes to certain things about pregnancy that I am sure almost every pregnant woman can relate with to some degree! And although I wasn’t making those things up, nor do I take back anything I said, know that I wrote that in a spirit of fun and have no hard feelings towards anyone who may have read that and thought, “Whoops! I’ve done that to her…” because I’m sure I’ve done some of those things to pregnant women in the past as well! 🙂 All in good fun, and a bit of comedic relief!

I wanted to write another short post talking about some of the things I’ve truly loved about pregnancy, because I am nearing the end and cannot believe how quickly it has passed. I can’t say I am one of those women who rave about pregnancy being “the best experience of their lives” or having “loved every minute,” but I am also not one of the women who had a horrible pregnancy experience and never want to have another baby because of it. So I thought I would share my top 5 favourite parts of this adventure called pregnancy so that you can see that I am actually not ALL sass and sarcasm when it comes to the topic! 😉

(1) The knowledge that I am growing a real, human baby inside of my body
This is definitely my favourite part about being pregnant. It’s awe-inspiring, wonderstruck, amazingly incredible truth that I have a living being inside of me that is being daily formed into what will be my son. It is almost impossible to think that by week 5 of pregnancy, my baby had a heartbeat! (And really, that’s the 5th week from your last menstrual cycle, so it’s even earlier than you really think!) But he did… He was my son from the moment he was conceived, and he has been growing and developing every day since. Not to get all political, but I don’t understand how people can say a baby isn’t a baby until it’s born… Have you seen the size of my stomach and the crazy movements it’s making!? There’s definitely a fully developed, active, cute little bundle of joy in there ready to meet the world!

(2) Styling the bump
As a fashion-lover, this has been such a fun part of pregnancy. It can be frustrating at times, too, for sure, but mostly it has been another reason to shop and find those great items for a new chapter of life! You can check out my blog post on how I started to build my maternity wardrobe HERE. It was great being able to repurpose “normal” clothes for pregnancy in the beginning, but I definitely saw the importance of investing in real maternity clothes by the second trimester (and now especially in the third when I have about 4 outfits on rotation!). Mama’s, my top three favourite places to shop for maternity wear have been (1) Carry Maternity (Toronto boutique with online shop), (2) Pink Blush (online only), and (3) Thyme Maternity (although Thyme is definitely more generic, I found it great for some of my basics). I have found a few cute items at H&M maternity as well, but find their selection much more limited.

(3) Baby movements & hiccups
I will say that this one is both a favourite part and also a strange part of pregnancy. I was very anxious/excited to feel those first “flutters” of baby movements, and felt that it took longer than it was “supposed to” which made me a bit nervous. I didn’t really feel anything concrete until about 20 weeks… But he hasn’t stopped moving since! I will say that although a lot of people explained the feeling as a “flutter” or “bird feet walking across your belly” I felt that it was almost more like a twitch type of feeling at first! The hiccups are really funny… I started to feel these around 32 weeks, and it is a consistent pulse in the same spot that generally doesn’t go away after 2 or 3 pulses. It can be almost frustrating though — you know when you have the hiccups and you can’t stop?? Well, now picture something inside of you having that in a muted way, so it almost feels more strange, and just having to wait it out! Funny, but cool, and also weird. 🙂

(4) People being really, REALLY nice to you… and expectant mother parking
Not much to expand on here, but it is true that when you are pregnant, people are generally just a lot more friendly! They smile as you walk down the street, stop to chat with you about when you are due, hold doors open for you, etc. It’s all very refreshing (especially in Toronto where most people don’t stop for anything!). And then, of course, there are those blessed stores that have Expectant Mothers Parking spots. These things are a GOD-SEND, people!!! I didn’t start using them until I was in my third trimester and significantly pregnant, but now when I go to a store that doesn’t have them I honestly get a little peeved! Help a sista out!

(5) Nesting (AKA: a reason to re-decorate)
Finally, I have loved being able to make a place for our son in our home. I had always heard that pregnant women “nest” but never fully understood what it meant until it happened for me. I was excited all the way along about decorating a nursery and deciding on a colour scheme, etc… But one day, BAM! I legitimately needed to get the nursery organized. All I can say is that it was an intense desire to get things ready for baby, and I got almost all of the major things done in the span of a week. Then following all of the big things (painting, furniture-building, etc.) I had such a blast with all of the little details of decor, washing baby clothes (they smell so good with baby detergent!!!) and organizing dresser drawers and closet space.

So I hope you can see that I have truly enjoyed pregnancy in many ways… But I will say that I am ready for this baby boy to vacate my body so that I can get out of bed more easily, walk around without worrying about my feet swelling too much, and fit back into some regular clothing!! 😉

Anyone out there want to share what your favourite part(s) about pregnancy are/were? Would love to hear!


Kristin xx

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This is such a beautiful post! It really gave me some insight on what it’s like to be pregnant and having a baby grow inside of you. I loved that you touched on the topic of nesting! I saw it on Jane the Virgin and it’s super cute you were going through a similar thing. So happy you shared this! Not a lot of bloggers talk about their personal experiences and I can see how beautiful pregnancy really is <3 Soon you're baby boy will be here! <3

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