One of my lovely Instagram followers commented on a recent wedding throwback photo asking me how I was able to keep calm on my big day, and then suggested I write a blog post about it! So this one is dedicated to you, Julianne! (Check out her Instagram by clicking her name!)


Okay, ladies, let’s be honest: the first, and most important key to keeping your sanity on your wedding day is COFFEE! If you and your bridesmaids are all getting ready together (in my case, we were using my parents’ house) then have one of your girls pick up some coffees on the way over (especially if you want this cute photo op!) or turn on that coffee pot and get it ready for when the girls arrive. This is a great way to start the day! Other brides, of course, prefer to have some mimosas for the morning, but if I need a coffee every other morning, why wouldn’t I need it on my wedding morning!?


Next, get your make-up and hair DONE and out of the way. I was the only one getting my make-up done, so I did that first so my artist could go. As soon as I was done there, I moved over to get my hair done. You are the most important person getting ready today – and your bridesmaids know that! They want to ensure that you are 100% ready and feel no rush in getting your pretty self done up… And when you are, there is no greater joy and calm!


So now my hair & make-up are done, and it’s time to get in the dress. This is where my heart really started to pound – it was all feeling so real! And yet I still had over an hour until the ceremony was set to begin… My next key to staying calm came in the form of two beautiful women: My mother and my Matron of Honour. These two ladies helped me get into my dress (another photo op!) and kept me smiling, kept me calm, and kept me excited!


Now that you’re all ready, it’s picture time with your ‘maids and family! If it wasn’t for my parents, I would have been a different person on my wedding day. So I can truly say that they were another key to my calm demeanor and pure joy on my big day. They helped to mold and shape me into the person I am today, and with their blessing, I got to marry the man of my dreams. Having them both by my side on this day kept me at peace. Not to mention that my dad was the officiating Pastor for the ceremony, which kept me at ease because I knew he would make it lovely and personal for us.


For you ladies who are about to tie the knot to a wild man, you might be getting a bit nervous or anxious about what the heck is going on over where he is getting ready. While you’re drinking coffee, putting on make-up, twirling around in your pretty dress, he could be running around half-dressed because he woke up late, had too much Bailey’s in his coffee (or not enough coffee in his Bailey’s??) and misplaced his suit! Well, what helped to calm my nervous surrounding not knowing what could be going on over at my brother’s house (where the guys were getting ready) is knowing that although his groomsmen can be a bit crazy themselves, they would be looking out for him today. I had to remember that I left my groom in good hands… Even if those hands were on his butt! 😉



We’re nearing the end of my wedding day tips here, ladies, but this one is important to remember. You have spent months (or years) planning this day. You have devoted time and energy, tears and laughter to this day and it has finally arrived. It can come with a lot of emotions, good and bad. So it is so important to take some time in your day before the ceremony to just be SILLY. Get your girls together, once you’re all ready, and take some fun photos, catch up on their love lives, distract yourself a little bit from what’s about to come. Now jump in your limo and get to your groom!!

The most excited and nervous I got in the entire day was when I was just about to walk down the aisle. I got married outdoors at a golf course, and the “aisle” we made was fairly long. I couldn’t even see Dave (my soon-to-be husband) for the first half of the walk! This is where my heart was pounding… But it was with excitement and joy (and the hopes that my heels would not trip me on the way!) to meet the love of my life at the other end. I didn’t expect to cry at this point, but a single tear made it’s way down my make-up’d face on the way down the aisle. Now when I look back in pictures and see the faint outline of that streak, it is a loving memory of how infused with love I was as I walked that aisle to say “I do.”

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Kristin xx

*All photos taken by I.Do.Photography*

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Thanks for telling me about your blog Kristin . (Pottery Barn, Sherway). It’s great ! I have told my daughter about it and I’m sure she’ll love it .her first baby is due in February and she is also getting married next year so she will find lots of useful hints !


Oh hi Heather! Thanks so much for visiting my blog 🙂 I am glad you like it and I hope it helps your daughter even just a little bit as she navigates the millions of choices associated with shopping for a baby! haha. Please let her know she can message me if she has any questions!

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