Cooking with Canola Oil: Why You Should

Last week I was invited to attend a dinner & workshop with Canola Eat Well and Chef Elia Herrera! The night was full of connecting with new people, eating delicious food, and learning more about the benefits of cooking with Canola oil. We also had the chance to hear from a Canola farmer, Jeannette Andrashewski, … Continue Reading

3 Toronto Brunches You Need To Try

I have been on a real brunch kick recently… Blame it on the pregnancy, or just solely on the fact that brunch is possibly the best meal of the day! Either way, I have recently tried 3 spots that I really liked, and would recommend to anyone looking for a good brunch. 🙂 In no particular … Continue Reading

Dessert For Dinner

It is finally starting to warm up here in Toronto, and I am all but jumping for joy at the prospect of winter finally being over! Last week was still a bit chilly, and perfect for connecting over hot chocolates and delicious menu items at Caca0 70 in Toronto’s Distillery District. Myself, Gunjan of @songbirdechoes, … Continue Reading