A much-debated topic, and one that I am no expert on is car seats. I have seen the videos, heard the stories, and read the articles about keeping your child rear-facing as long as possible because it is the safest place for your babe to be. And I am not about to argue that point! I definitely wanted to keep Mason rear-facing as long as possible. However, Mason has always been a bit of a turd in the card (sorry not sorry), and being an exceptionally tall boy (99th percentile, people!) has only lent more to him being uncomfortable in the car. The general consensus by most experts in the field is that kids should remain rear-facing until age 2 at minimum. Although Mason turned two very recently, we had made the transition to forward-facing a month sooner than his birthday when we got a new convertible car seat (and a new car *heart eyes*)!

The thing we love most about this car seat is that it is really slim and could easily fit even 3 seats across in most mid-sized vehicles. Thankfully, we own one of those now, too (woot woot!) – an Acura RDX. NOT that I am saying I am going to have 3 kids… only the Lord knows that haha! But it is definitely a nice feature of the seat, being less bulky and looking less like a typical car seat. From an aesthetic standpoint, the seat is very sleek and doesn’t take away from the vehicle’s appearance. I am definitely one to go for a more neutral fabric (we have the black and the grey oyster) but there are five additional “fun” colours if your child wants to choose their own preference (or if you like a more vibrant colour palette)!

We have found that since transitioning Mason to forward-facing, he has been – on average – happier in the car, especially on longer road trips. Maybe it was a coincidence, but I think he feels like he has more space to stretch his long legs, and the ability to see everything that’s going on (including his parents in the front!).  The one thing that I do miss about having him rear-facing is the ability to see him via a mirror rather than having to turn around to get a glimpse. Then again, there are pros to this as well… for one, being able to easily hand him a Timbit once we’ve exited the Tim Hortons drive thru (cause you know he KNOWS the difference between the Tim Hortons drive thru and any other drive thru… why is my kid so stinking smart!?) Anyways… When did you/do you plan to make the switch to forward-facing with your kids? Would love to hear how it’s affected your car rides!


Kristin xx

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Just turned our 2 year old ‘tall boy’ too! Soooooooo good. We also drive the RDX, and our little guy needed to get out of his bucket seat, so big man is now turned and sitting behind daddy! I think age is a silly measure for when to turn around….we waited too long based on this babe’s size. With my younger (who is 8 moths and 23 lbs), I suspect we will have to spin him before the age of two to avoid cramped legs. Time will tell.


Hey Rachel! Thanks for your comment. Yes I agree, every child is different and things like size and weight need to be taken into consideration alongside the guidelines for their safety! Hope your little guy doesn’t give you too many problems in the car while he’s still rear-facing!! 😉

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