*This post in partnership with buybuy BABY Babyhood, however as always, all opinions are my own*

One of the many things I have come to discover about preparing for a new baby is that shopping for the “essentials” can be somewhat overwhelming! There are so many brands who claim to be the best, and so many opinions from other moms who have their own experiences with each of those brands! What I am learning is that although research must be done, and opinions should be taken into consideration, I need to really get in there and get my hands dirty to find out what is best for me and my baby.

So with that in mind, I partnered with buybuy BABY to take part in an in-store shopping experience with one of their experts to talk about one of the biggest baby essentials: a carseat. If you have never shopped for a carseat before, you probably don’t understand fully the stress related to finding the perfect one. Not only do you need to find a safe, reliable, well-reviewed carseat that you can trust to protect your child, it also needs to fit safely inside your vehicle. And in our current situation, that has proven to be a bit of a challenge because we are hoping to get a new vehicle before baby arrives! So we really needed to find a carseat that would be of average size to generally fit inside any vehicle we might purchase. Thus begins the adventure!

Our in-store experience took place at the Woodbridge location of buybuy BABY, and Brandon was the expert that helped us with our search for the perfect carseat. Thankfully we are lucky enough to have been gifted an infant carseat (also known as a bucket seat that can be removed from the car and often clipped directly into a stroller) but we knew we needed a long-term seat that stays in the car and could be used (hopefully!) until our child no longer needs a seat at all. Brandon took us through some of the infant seats as well, since we haven’t locked in which stroller we are purchasing yet, and he provided some very helpful information on adaptors for different carseat/stroller combinations as well.

After looking through several different options, we settled on the Graco 4Ever All-In-One Convertible Carseat. This seat was actually being featured in store due to its recent popularity. It made me feel comfortable knowing that lots of other families were trusting this carseat as well, and at Brandon’s assurance of quality, we felt it was a good fit for us too! I love that this seat can be used all the way from newborn to pre-teen (converts to a backless booster seat!) and also maintains an aesthetically pleasing appearance. I will be doing a full review on this carseat once baby boy arrives, so stay tuned! 🙂

After settling on our carseat, which was our main goal for the trip, we also did a walk-through in the store with Brandon so he could show us their process for getting set up with a baby registry (*sidenote* I did not complete a registry with buybuy BABY due to the location of my baby shower and having already sent out invitations, however the registry process was extremely informative and I would highly recommend it, especially for first-time moms). I can honestly say that my experience with registering at other [unnamed] baby stores was not nearly as helpful as this walk-through was. The in-store experts at buybuy BABY really do know their stuff, and are able to answer lots of questions during this process. If I could do it again, I would definitely register at buybuy BABY as a first-time mom!

Another great perk of registering with buybuy BABY is that you receive a free goody bag at the end, stuffed with great samples and coupons for future use! As if you need another incentive, buybuy BABY will also send you a completion discount so that you can get a deal on anything from your registry that wasn’t purchased for you!

What has your experience been in registering for baby? What would you change? Oh, and if you have any other product advice for a first-time mama, please do share in the comments below!! 🙂


Kristin xx


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This is so true!! Baby shopping is super stressful. Everyone has a different idea about what’s best!
Glad you were able to find a car seat you love! 🙂

And the completion discount is such a bonus!! Cause lord knows the shopping never ends lol!

XO Jenn


Looks like you’re all set!! So exciting. Congrats on the new partnership xo

Sweet as Fiction xx


As much as I don’t think I’ll be having kids ANY time soon (or ever for that matter) I’ve honestly loved following along on your journey. You’ve been so thorough with your posts and sharing your experiences, I know you’re going to be the perfect lil mama!

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