As a fashion & lifestyle blogger who was determined NOT to become a “full-fledged mommy blogger” when I got pregnant with Mason, it is almost comical to me that I am writing a post titled Real Motherhood. What I quickly realized after having Mason is that my new “lifestyle” is so much about being a mom – and if I want to be real with my readers & followers (that’s you!) then I cannot limit myself from posting about maternity fashion, baby products, and the wild ride of motherhood. If you’ve dropped by my blog before, then you are well aware that I succumbed to this reality a while ago!

Mason is just over 5 months old now, and it feels like both such a short amount of time and Something that I haven’t shared much of on the blog are personal stories, thoughts, emotions, and experiences of motherhood, and I realized recently that it is probably because in a lot of ways, I was nervous to share. Becoming a parent for the first time is one of the most exciting and scariest things in the entire world. And I can honestly say that NOTHING will fully prepare you for being a parent (especially a mom!) until you actually are one. However, I wanted to start a discussion – a safe, open place for mama’s to share their stories so that maybe, just maybe, other mothers-to-be can catch a glimpse into what it truly is like to be a mom. Enter #RealMotherhood.

I posted a photo on Instagram recently telling my followers about this idea to start a mini-series on my blog about the real side of motherhood – some of the things that we don’t see or hear about as much in social media. This is not a fault of anyone’s, really. I mean, who wants to post photos of their baby screaming while tears are streaming down your own cheeks because you’ve fed him, changed him, rocked him, sang to him, and he is STILL CRYING!?! But seriously… social media shows the best sides of us (most of the time) and it can be misleading in a lot of ways.

I had so many messages and comments of people who were interested in participating in this series… I was overwhelmed and SO excited. So first of all, a huge thank you to all of you. And to those who follow along with this series, I would love to hear from you! Whether in the comments of the blog posts or via email (you can find my contact information here). This is simply an introduction to the series (which may not be so “mini” after all!) and I am working on putting together the first full post in the next week with the help of some other amazing mama’s who are sharing their stories. So spread the word about #RealMotherhood, and again, if you want to participate in this in any way, please let me know!

I hope that as we share some of our untold stories, our lonely moments, and some of the not-so-cute facts about motherhood that it will encourage, empower, and equip you to be able to do the same. You are not alone, Mama!


Kristin xx

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First I have to say that you and your baby both look so adorable! I don’t have kids but I am sure it will be interesting to read more about the real side of motherhood.

xx, Maryam


Aw thanks so much Maryam! That’s sweet of you. I am really excited about the series – thanks for checking it out! 🙂


I couldn’t agree more. I’d like to see what real motherhood is like so I know what to expect and it also will give us all a chance to get to you know and Mason more so definitely do them. 🙂


Thanks Zivanka! I am hoping that it will be a really impactful series for a lot of mama’s and future mama’s! 🙂

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