Now that we’re a few months into solids, I feel like I can actually write on this subject with a little more knowledge. As with all things, we are still learning everyday, but as we prepare to wean off of breastmilk now, I felt it was time to write a little about our “food journey.”

One of the biggest questions right now when it comes to introducing solids to your baby is whether you will go the route of puréed food or BLW (Baby Led Weaning). There are definitely variations to BLW, and I am no expert here, but I will share with you what we decided to do with Mason and how it’s worked out for us so far.

Introducing solids can be kind of scary – especially with your first baby. There are so many things to think about: Choking, allergies, creating preferences to certain flavours/consistencies, making your own baby food vs. buying premade… The list goes on! And as with all things baby, everyone has their own opinions on what is best or safest. We decided that we would start with purées because I was feeling a bit nervous about choking. The first “suggested” food is rice cereal or oat cereal, and we tried that with little success. So I decided to launch into real food a little quicker and tried mashed up avocado… He didn’t like it at first, but he slowly started to enjoy it!

From there we moved on to some other veggies – butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots, to name a few. It was up and down, and often times he would seem to like something for a bit and then not be interested in it anymore. I think when we started mixing things together he got more excited! Can’t blame him… 😉

You may have read my past post about DIY Baby Food – and I still stand by the Baby Brezza being an amazing tool to do so. However, that being said, it doesn’t change the fact that sometimes life is busy and we are even too lazy to do that! So introducing a local Toronto company called Organic Yum Yums which I fell in love with when starting solids with Mason. This company delivers homemade, organic baby food to your door weekly on a subscription basis. What. A. Good. Idea. Seriously!! In the beginning, Mason would only go through 1 jar every 2 days because he was only eating a few spoonfuls at a time, but they are also easily freezable because they are already sealed in small mason jars.

Sabrina is the boss babe behind Organic Yum Yums and she is not only great at her job, she is a total sweetheart! I love being able to support local companies like this. Here is what she says about her journey into solids with her little guy, Noah, and the reason behind her starting this company:

When it came time to introduce food to our son Noah it was exciting but also overwhelming especially as first-time parents. We knew we wanted to feed him fresh, organic, nutritious food but didn’t know how to go about doing it. We knew we weren’t going to find it in the grocery store since the off-the-shelf baby food still had all kinds of salts, sugars, preservatives or something artificial. Not to mention it wasn’t fresh and mainly packaged in one-time use food pouches. We also wanted to make sure he was going to get the nutrients he needed for optimal health and development as he grew.
So, between researching recipes (and everything else baby food and feeding related like all new parents do), shopping for fresh organic ingredients, prepping, cooking, blending, portioning, labeling and the messy cleanup, we quickly realized how much time and effort was needed to make fresh baby food. We wished there was a delivery service like the one for Noah’s cloth diapers (Wonderwear) that would deliver fresh, organic food for him to our door. That’s when Organic Yum Yums was born.”

Now that Mason is eating 3 full meals per day + snacks, a service like this would make like SO MUCH EASIER. I often feel like I’m not creative enough with Mason’s meals, and wonder if I’m giving him a balanced enough diet for his age/stage. There is so much anxiety wrapped up in motherhood that it can really get out of hand if you let it. I find that I have to remind myself constantly that he is doing well – he is thriving, he is growing, he is happy, so I must be doing something right! But if I’m being real and honest, some days I feel like this is an area that I fail at. I want to be one of those moms that makes amazing home-cooked meals every day, and portions everything out to freeze for many meals to come. But I’m just not always on the ball like that! It’s something I want to work on, but it’s nice to know that I have great options to back me up, too. Options that Mason definitely enjoys (see picture proof below!).

What things have you found make life easier when it comes to feeding your kids? I am definitely wanting to hear all your tips and advice please!! <3


Kristin xx

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