Hi friends! It’s been a while… so… Happy New Year!!! To be honest, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed with the amount of stuff going on in normal life that I just haven’t found the time to write a blog post in the past few months. Or maybe it’s not just to do with time, but also with motivation/passion. I don’t want to be writing blog posts just because I have to. I started this blog as a creative outlet, and I want it to stay that way! So I guess what I am saying is… #sorrynotsorry for not posting lately! 😉

However, all that aside, I am back and feeling motivated and excited to give you all a motherhood update on Mason at 18 months (aka 1.5 years!). I’ve decided to break the updates down into categories so that you can read about what you’re most interested in, if that’s applicable to you! Let me know if you like this style of update so I know what to do in the future!

As I am writing this, Mason is down for his nap (yes – we are down to one nap as of about 15-16 months) and although the transition to one nap was difficult and took about a full month to really ease into, we are loving the new routine. It definitely makes life a bit easier in terms of planning for going out of the house, and since Mason is very much a crib or playpen napper, we need to be at [a] home for naptime and bedtime. ** Side note on this for those mama’s who are starting to sleep train: Consistency is SO key. We have no problems with bedtime 98% of the time, and even though naps aren’t as consistent in length, he almost never cries in his crib. Now, we don’t have as much flexibility because of this (he won’t really nap in the stroller or the car unless he is exhausted (and even then it’s usually very short) but I’d rather have an amazing sleeper than an unpredictable one, which is why I always tried to make sure we were home for naps and bed at consistent times during sleep training **

This was a point of struggle for us for a long time (or at least it felt like forever). There was a phase early on where Mason would scream bloody murder every time we put him in the car seat – thankfully that has long passed! From there, he was okay in the car seat as long as the ride wasn’t too long (I would say 30 minutes was his max). Now, he is doing really well in the car. Since we drive to Windsor on a regular basis, he has had to get used to it a bit. But a couple of tricks we are using now are 1) I try not to ride in the back with him at the start. He seems to do better when I am not in his view (at least for the first half of the 3 hour trip), and 2) A car iPad holder. We caved. But when it’s a long car ride like this, The Wiggles are a necessity to keep him occupied. Generally speaking, he usually makes it for the first half of the trip just playing with toys or eating some snacks. But by the 1.5 hour mark he starts to get antsy, and the iPad helps the remainder of the trip go smoother.

Mason can be unpredictable with food. Some days he eats like he hasn’t had a meal in days, and other times he refuses everything except fruit. I just kind of go with the flow. I definitely was stressed out when he had his first few days of refusing to eat almost anything except fruit and crackers, but then I was reminded that he’s happy and healthy and not losing weight, and at least fruit is healthy! He is desperately wanting to feed himself, and he is trying to use a fork and/or spoon at every meal with a little help from Mom or Dad. It’s very cute to watch though. It also helps him actually finish eating because sometimes he says he’s done (in sign language!) but then when I help him use his fork he finishes his meal. Kids are weird… haha! He is currently eating (on a good day) 3 meals per day with a snack in between breakfast and lunch, and lunch and dinner. He has 3.25% milk with breakfast and dinner and water during the day!

Holy moley, this kid is growing like a weed. We often get asked if he is 2 years+ because he is so tall (he gets it mainly from his 6’3″ daddy!). I just bought him a size 3T sleeper from Carter’s and it fits him right now, so there’s that. He is wearing mostly size 2T in everything else, though, and as always I am loving dressing him up in trendy baby clothes. Favourite stores right now are Zara, H&M, and Gap/Old Navy (from most expensive to least expensive haha). I find Zara to fit so great because he is long & lean, plus most of their pants have an adjustable waistband.

Mason is so stinkin’ smart (in my unbiased opinion!). He is recognizing shapes and colours as he uses sorting toys. I am always impressed when I see him match a block to the correctly shaped hole, or slide the right colour shape onto the corresponding coloured peg. He loves to play pretend with his kitchen and food truck, constantly bringing over new items for me to “try” and then trying them himself.
He is also VERY into climbing everything right now. From the couch, to the dining room chairs (and then up onto the table if he’s quick enough!), to getting into his own highchair unassisted, this kid is a monkey! He can do the stairs on his own now as well, but I haven’t gotten to the point of letting him out of my sight while climbing them because I’m still a bit nervous he might decide to stand up and go down like an adult (which is his preference when I’m holding his hand).
One thing in terms of his development that we haven’t seen a lot of yet is speech. It is the one thing that sort of worries me (even though I know many kids don’t talk until after they turn 2), and I am hoping to see some major gains in this department in the next few months. He is pretty much only saying a handful of words, and not always consistently, so it is hard to gage exactly where he is at. However, I know he understands everything we are saying because we will say something like, “Mason, can you go get the ball and bring it to me?” And he’ll walk over and pick up the ball and bring it back. Sometimes it surprises us how much he actually understands!! We are considering getting him into a paediatrician, since right now he is just seeing our family doctor who is quite young and has less experience with kids.

It takes babies a while to want to interact with other kids, but I am starting to see Mason become more interested when he sees other little kids (especially ones that are a bit older than him who pay attention to him). Just the other day we were at Costco, and he was getting fussy in the cart while we were in line to pay. All of a sudden he was giggling and I looked behind me to see two little kids (around the age of 5) in the cart behind who were making faces and playing peekaboo with him. He was totally taken with them! Another day, we went to an EarlyON Learning Center (definitely recommend checking out if there are any in your area if you’re looking for something to do (that is free!) with your baby/toddler indoors) and he was so interested in one other little boy who, again, was taking time to interact with him. I love seeing him engage with other kids, and I hope that as he does it more he will learn from them as well!
We also started swimming lessons in February, and haven’t been very consistent with going since then (just so busy lately!) but Mason really loved it. The first lesson was shaky and he cried for the first bit, but after that he’s been a little fish! Even went under the water a bunch of times without crying and still wanted to stay in the pool. I love doing that with him because he really enjoys it and is also learning water-safety at the same time!

Well, I think those are the most major life updates for Mason. In terms of myself and my own feelings, there are still days where I feel completely overwhelmed and unequipped to be a mother. I think we all have those days… I am so thankful for my own Mom & Dad who are often the ones to bring me down from the ledge of insanity (lol) and remind me that I am doing a good job. And of course my husband who has to deal with my emotional rollercoasters when he gets home from work and I’m pulling my hair out!! 😉 It also definitely helps talking to many of you on my Instagram stories – just being able to vent and also share common experiences with other mom’s can be so encouraging. So a big thank you for that!!

I am going to try to be more consistent with my blog posts from now on, too! Next up, our Mexico vacation (baby-free!!! Woohoo!).


Kristin xx

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Loved your blog honey…Mason is soooo precisou and you are a great mom!!

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