As I’ve said before, preparing for the arrival of your babe can be very overwhelming. I know that I felt like I didn’t know what I really needed, and I discovered that a lot of products I thought I needed are still sitting on a shelf somewhere! Alternatively, many of the things I didn’t know I’d need I had to go out and get after Mason was born. So I wanted to write a post featuring some of my favourite baby items that I would recommend to any mama-to-be or mama-that-is. Although this isn’t a comprehensive list of every product I would suggest, it’s a good start on things I wish I had known about prior to having a baby, and I hope it is helpful to you!

This product has gotten some flack in the media lately for being an unsafe sleep alternative. However, we use it as Dock-a-tot intended, which is as a multi-functional lounger in a supervised environment. Since we have a larger dog at home who can be a *little bit* crazy at times, I don’t like to leave Mason on the floor in case our pup runs wild! The Dock-a-Tot lives on our couch, and Mason loves to take (supervised) naps in it every day. It is the perfect alternative to putting him on a blanket on the floor or even one of those bouncy loungers.
It comes in two sizes to accommodate your growing babe: Deluxe for 0-8 Months and Grand for 9-36 months. It is a Swedish design, handmade in Europe (no “made in China” here, which I love!), and is 100% all-natural cotton. It’s been tested for breathability and is OEKO-TEX certified – all things that make me feel secure with this product. Again, I still like to keep my eye on Mason when he is in it, but I think it’s important to always be mindful of your little one regardless of where he/she is napping or playing! Speaking of playing, I love that you can accessorize the Dock-a-Tot and essentially make it into an activity gym with the attachable toy arch! Mason is really starting to focus in on those now which is really fun 🙂


OVer: Multi-Use Baby Cover
Okay, I have to say that I absolutely LOVE this product. I use it everyday!! Mainly as a cover for the car seat to keep the sun out of Mason’s face when we are in the car or out for a walk, but we also use it as a blanket or nursing cover frequently. I love the soft material of our OVer, and there are so many cute designs! This one is currently unavailable but I also love this one for a more gender-neutral print. I would highly recommend this product to any mom! OVers are very breathable, but as always, be aware that your babe isn’t getting overheated in their car seat if you’re out and about on a hot day. 🙂


Yes, I’ve already written an entire blog post about why I love this stroller, but I had to include it on my top 5 list as well! We have another umbrella stroller which is definitely easy to travel with, but I honestly hate using it now in comparison to our Baby Jogger City Select LUX! It is so easy to push and absorbs so much of the bumps along the way, making a smooth ride for babe and an easy stroll for mama (or dad!). If you’re interested to learn more about this stroller, check out my previous blog post here.


This is one of those products I didn’t have right away and couldn’t get my hands on it soon enough! We have one of those baby bathtubs that works fine, but when they are so tiny and new (and everything is new to YOU) bathtime can be a bit daunting! Not to mention Mason hated having a bath in that hard, cold, plastic tub. As soon as I got this flower to cushion the kitchen sink for his baths, he immediately started enjoying his tubby time! I wasn’t able to get a good photo of him in it yet, but I would recommend checking it out online so you can get a glimpse of how it works. We LOVE it! (And yes, we also love the Baby Dove products for bath time!)


A LOVEY, etc.
I have always thought I wanted my baby to have something like a stuffed animal or blanket that they got attached to and carried around with them everywhere. I had one (a Carebear!) and it lived with me until I got married… Okay it still lives with me but it’s stored away now 😉
I found this cute little lovey (I don’t know if that’s just what my family calls them or it’s an actual name??) at Winners before Mason was born and thought it might be the perfect little snuggle friend for him! I started giving it to him as he was falling asleep for naps so that he would associate it with soothing and sleep. I always take it out of his bassinet or sleep area if I’m not supervising, but he really does love it now and brings it up close to his face as he falls asleep to help him soothe.
*Bonus tip: buy 2 of the same thing if you can so you can switch them out when one needs a wash!*

There are so many other baby products I would recommend, but I wanted to narrow it down to 5 to get you started! I would also suggest checking out my last post about the Owlet Smart Sock – because that was another lifesaver for us.

I would love to hear what baby products you are loving right now as well – please let me know in the comments! 🙂


Kristin xx

*Several of these products were gifted to me, however I wrote this post unsponsored and all opinions are my own*

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He is seriously the cutest! I enjoyed reading your post even though I am not a mother as of yet. Such great tips and knowing I can revisit here when I have a baby is just great 🙂 Thanks for sharing a great post. xo

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