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I haven’t done a full review-style blog since Mason was a lot smaller, but we recently had to replace our video monitor because it wasn’t functioning properly all of the time (and to be honest, we never really loved it!). After doing a lot of research, we decided to go with the Motorola® MBP36XL-2 Portable 5″ Video Baby Monitor which we got from buybuy BABY.

I was reminded again how stressful it was as a new mom to try to figure out what brand/style/model of every baby-related item we needed. It can be so overwhelming, because let’s be honest, there are SO many baby products out there! And then, of course, everyone has their own opinion on what is best so it can really be taxing to make choices on things at times. For example, this particular video monitor has a lot of negative reviews, even though the majority are positive. But something I always try to remember when I’m shopping for products like this is to take everything with a grain of salt and just see if there are any recurring problems within the negative reviews (or do the people just sound like they’ve had a bad day and are letting it out online haha). All that to say, here is my honest review of the Motorola® MBP36XL-2 Portable 5″ Video Baby Monitor: 


  • Large, clear picture on handheld screen (as expected, better in the light than night vision but still easy to clearly see your child in night mode)
  • Ability to watch 2 cameras at once, either as a split screen or switch between both easily
  • Ability to talk to baby using microphone feature (we never talk to Mason though because it freaks him out! However I do find it necessary to gently “shhhh” him via microphone from time to time)
  • Ability to remotely adjust the camera view (this is a HUGE one for us because we weren’t able to do this with our old monitor and it makes such a difference!) and zoom in closer
  • Wide volume range
  • Built-in thermometer to monitor baby’s room temp
  • Audio will continue even when the picture is off (power-saving mode)
  • Long-lasting battery life (at least so far… We have only had it for about a month but have never needed to get the charger – we just plug it in when we go to bed)
  • Can adjust how long you want the screen to stay on before automatically going into power-save mode (5 mins, 30 mins, 60 mins or never)


  • Not wide-view so the camera needs to be fairly far from the crib to get a full view
  • When turning the screen on from power-save mode, goes to the Motorola screen before back to camera (this isn’t that inconvenient just somewhat annoying lol)
  • When turning the screen on from power-save mode, message appears on bottom of the screen saying how long until it goes back to power-save mode and stays on the screen for about 30 seconds or until another button is pressed. I personally don’t like this because where I have my camera positioned, the message blocks my view of the crib. Though easily removed off the screen I find it redundant to always be appearing when the screen is turned on.

The pros of this camera far outweigh the cons, in my opinion. Although there are a few things I would change, they don’t really alter the effectiveness of the video monitor. We opted to get the option with 2 cameras because we do hope to have another child eventually and this will ultimately allow us to not have to buy another monitor. But in the mean time, we can also use the second camera in another location if Mason is playing while I’m cooking dinner or something like that. So the second camera is useful still even if you only have one child.

Hopefully this review helped you out if you were considering this monitor for your home!


Kristin xx

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Great review! I am thinking of getting a new one so this was helpful!


Always happy to lend a helping hand 🙂 xox

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