What’s all the rage? MARBLE. It’s everywhere from home décor, to jewellery, to Macbook covers! And I, for one, am absolutely marble-struck. This crisp, minimal look goes well with just about anything, and leaves nothing but happiness behind.

There is a great, Canadian company out there called UNIQFIND which has come up with the genius idea of producing marble skins for iPhone, Macbooks, and iPads. To throw in an extra goodie, you can even buy a little marble notebook on the side! Uniqfind ships worldwide, and I am starting to see their products flashing up everywhere. Check them out on Instagram @uniqfind, or just type in this little hashtag for a glimpse into marble-dom: #uniqfind
One thing to clear up – these are marble SKINS, not hard cases. They apply like a sticker directly to your macbook or ipad. They are a matte finish, not completely smooth so it doesn’t leave fingerprints on the design. The iPhones have both the skin AND an actual case. You can get them in black marble or white marble (I’m partial to the white, personally!) for any device. Seriously, go now and check them out. Don’t be the last one on the marble bandwagon!


Kristin xx

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