Everyone has their go-to hairstyles, and I am no exception. You’ll usually find me with my hair down and straight, simply because it’s the fastest and easiest style for my to accomplish. However, as I have very fine hair I don’t get a lot of volume when it is straight, so I often like to curl it to give it a bit of bounce! For the last 10+ years, I have used my straightener to curl my hair. I have perfected my technique, and I can do it pretty quickly (10-15 minutes, depending how tight I want the curls to be!) so it has become my second go-to hairstyle.

That being said, I have been interested in trying a curling wand for a few years now, but never took the plunge to get one because I felt comfortable just using my straightener. I got the look I wanted, and didn’t really feel the need to spend the money on another hair styling product. However, when Irresistible Me approached me to partner with them and try their Sapphire 8-in-1 curling wand, how could I say no?!



I was a bit skeptical to try it, if I am being honest. As I said before, I have always been able to accomplish the curls I want with my straightener and simply thought the curling wand may make the curls either too tight (I don’t want to look like Shirley Temple!) or too loose and they would fall out quickly. For my first experiment with the Sapphire wand, I used the largest barrel (which is 32 mm). I wanted to see if I could get full, loose curls that would give my hair body and bounce.

It took me a few tries to get used to twisting my hair around the barrel, since, unlike my straightener, there is nothing to help hold your hair to the heat. I was worried this might be difficult, but it only took me a few tries before I got a rhythm (and I didn’t burn myself once, hence my look of concentration – woohoo!). On the note of safety, though, the top of the barrel has a rubber tip, so for those of you who are kind of clumsy like me you can take solace in the fact that there were precautions taken on behalf of us!



And voila! Full, voluminous, loose curls – exactly what I wanted! I loved the way it turned out so much that I locked it in with some hairspray and donned the look for a birthday party I had on that night. A pretty, playful look for a fun night out with the girls.

I am so excited to try all the attachments for this wand to see all of the different styles I can get out of one product. All in all, I was so pleased with the results, and I would highly recommend it to any of you who are looking to try a new hairstyle for the holidays! It also would make a great gift for any of those young women on your list! In fact, if you hurry, you can save 35% during the BLACK FRIDAY SALE on their hair tools – that’s $70 off for the wand, which means you only pay $129 for the wand and 8 different ceramic, tourmaline infused, interchangeable barrels.



What has your experience been with a curling wand, if you use one? Any tips to share? Please let me know in the comments below!


Kristin xx


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Looks like it would be a great styling piece! Thanks for the review. 🙂



Thanks Zivanka! It really is. 🙂


you rock it straight and curly so well. great styling tips!


Thanks Rachel! I do love them both, but this wand made me partial to waves! 🙂


If this makes my hair as fabulous as yours.. I am sold

Filipa xxx
PlayingWithApparel.com | Instagram


Aw thanks lady! You should definitely try it! 🙂


Great tips! It’s always hard for me to curl my hair.



Thanks Joan! I’m glad you liked it – this wand is really easy to use once you get used to it! 🙂


Those large curls are so lovely. I wanna try them. However, I am not used to curling irons. Can I just use sponge curlers or any non-electronic alternative? What do you suggest?


Hi Terry! I am not sure – my hair doesn’t do well with sponge curlers, so I haven’t used them in years! I need the electric to keep it in place. I would suggest trying it out! 🙂


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