Baby-wearing. It’s a word you hear a LOT when you’re a new mom, and probably one you’ve rarely (or never!) heard if you aren’t one! So when I became pregnant and became more aware of all of the baby things there are out there, one thing I really wanted to look into more was this art of baby-wearing. There are SO MANY options (as there are for everything “baby”) and I wanted to make sure that I knew what I was looking for. I came to the conclusion that there were 4 things that I wanted a carrier to be: ergonomically correct for my baby, comfortable for me, easy to use, and have a cute appearance.

When I stumbled upon the LILLEbaby brand – one I hadn’t heard of, but again, did not have much knowledge on these things prior to this moment – I fell in love with their designs. So the first checkmark was made – VERY cute! 🙂 Literally all of their carriers are beautiful, and they make several different types. So naturally, I needed to try them all out to see what the benefits of each were! I found that each had their own set of benefits, so I have shared below what I like about each one:

1. Complete 6-in-1 Baby Carrier: Airflow

This is your classic, structured carrier. However, it can be worn SIX different ways which is amazing! I opted to go with the “airflow” model in black because I wanted my hubby to wear it too and he gets hot really fast, so I thought this would be a good option to keep us all cool and comfortable. There are actually six different styles (and within each style, different colours/patterns!) of the complete carrier to suit what you’re looking for!
USE: I use this carrier mostly when we go out for longer periods of time, or doing something slightly more active. It holds Mason in really well with optional head support (which is great because he’s still pretty floppy!) and gives me complete peace of mind to have my hands free. Furthermore, it gives me great back support and doesn’t leave me feeling sore or tired after wearing it!

2. Ring Sling

I really, REALLY wanted a ring sling because my sister-in-law has had one for all three of my nieces and raved about it! So I was really excited to pick out the beautiful “Golden Harvest” sling from LILLEbaby. The colour is gorgeous and neutral for wearing with basically anything, and the fabric is linen which makes it really lightweight! They recently changed the rings to gold which I LOVE, but I got it prior to that so you’ll see in the photos that my rings are silver (still pretty though!).
USE: I use this carrier as my easiest on-the-go carrier. It usually stays in the diaper bag so I know that I always have something to put Mason in if needed when we are out, and it doesn’t take too much effort to do so. I am definitely still getting the hang of baby-wearing, but I find the ring sling is the easiest option to use quickly, and doesn’t take up any space to bring along. I wear it two different ways – one with the excess fabric hanging down, and one with the excess fabric rolled and tucked under to give Mason a little more neck support!

3. Tie the Knot Wrap

Finally the wrap-style baby carrier. I will say first that the fabric on this wrap is so incredibly soft, it feels so luxurious! I love knowing that the fabric that is against Mason’s skin is soft and comfortable. Another unique thing about this wrap is that it was designed to be able to wrap the ends up and tie them so they don’t drag on the ground. It also has a pocket which can be used to hold a rolled up cloth or cushion for neck support!
USE: I use this carrier mostly around the house because I find it takes me a little more effort to put on and get Mason in. Now, I know lots of people that can whip their babies in and out of these wrap-style carriers with ease, so it might just be me! 🙂 I am still learning. However, it is basically impossible not to let the ends touch the ground at some point when putting it on, so I prefer to just keep it inside. I also found that Mason liked this carrier a lot more when he was a NEW newborn (he is almost 10 weeks now) and didn’t care as much about his surroundings, but perhaps when he gets more control of his neck & head he will like it better again!

He loves to arch his back and look around! 🙂

I will say that I am really glad to have all three types of carriers, as I truly do use them for different things and appreciate them each for unique reasons. However, if I had to choose just one carrier to get for my babe, I think I would go with the structured Complete 6-in-1 as it gives the most options for wear down the line. (Literally as I am writing this I feel pained to think I wouldn’t have the other carrier options, though!! haha!)

What are your favourite carriers, mama’s? Let me know in the comments.


Kristin xx

*These products were gifted to me by LILLEbaby. All opinions are my own.*

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I like the Ergo 360s carrier


I haven’t tried that one but I have heard really great things! Thanks for sharing 🙂


Love you Uuntie Kristin


These are all great! Stylish and functional ❤


Agreed! 🙂

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