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When Mason started crawling (and therefore hated being contained in his exersaucer or playpen anymore) I had to figure out how to baby proof a seemingly impossible space. I say impossible because we live in a single-floor apartment with very little storage space, and the very first-world problem of “too much stuff.” Because of this, we have a lot of things out that I would rather have “away” or stored in some capacity.

Essentially, this means there are a lot of things that Mason can get into easily – things that we don’t want him to get into. Because the playpen is too small and doesn’t allow him to practice crawling, standing, and eventually walking, I needed to find something that contained him, but in a space big enough that he could still move around and play without feeling too “closed in.”

So when I came across this play space at buybuy BABY, I thought it was the perfect solution (my exact model is no longer available online, but you can find it in store or shop a similar product here)! It can be used multiple ways: (1) as a completely enclosed safe space for baby, or (2) more like a fence that you can position wherever you want to make a larger enclosed area. We mostly use it in the second way that I mentioned, so that it allows Mason to get to our couch and coffee table to practice cruising around while holding onto something. Plus, it gives him even a bit more space to play.

Although I don’t leave him unattended for more than a few minutes (these days, I just have no idea what he’ll get into!) I know that if I need to run to the bathroom, wash a couple dishes, or let the dog outside, Mason will be safe and happy inside this little area I’ve made for him. Of course it’s also important that he has lots of fun, interactive toys to play with, so I’ve linked a few of his favourites here for you:

Fisher-Price Classic Pull-A-Tune Xylophone
VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube
VTech Musical Rhymes Book
Fisher-Price Rock-A-Stack
Baby Einstein Pop & Glow Piano


Kristin xx

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