For all of you who are like me and put off your shopping until the last couple weeks before Christmas, I have created a little gift guide to help guide you in your struggles to find those perfect presents!

This year, I was able to get a large majority of my shopping done at Bed Bath & Beyond which was absolutely fantastic. I love when I can check several people off my list in one stop, don’t you? So here it is – 10 great last-minute gift ideas for him or her!

    Whether it’s your husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother, friend, or secret santa, there is a perfect basket for you from BASKITS. I opted for the Manly Mixer basket and the Editors basket, though it was really difficult to choose! Baskits creates amazing, thoughtful gift baskets filled with luxury products – I was genuinely impressed with the quality of items in these baskets! You can also personalize a basket to make it even more tailored to the person you’re gifting! They deliver across North America and offers same-day delivery in the GTA. *Stay tuned, as I will be giving away both of these baskets mentioned on my Instagram this week! Follow me to be in the know!img_8457
    There are a lot of these out there to choose from, and to be honest, I already have a couple of them myself. But when I heard the sound that came from these Bluetooth Speakers from Quartz Audio I was really astounded. They are compact, but their sound is not! On top of having great volume, they are extremely aesthetically pleasing. This Agate Bluetooth Speaker comes in 4 different colours, which means you can customize it to the person you’re gifting to! I am personally loving gold these days, so I chose gold to go with my living room decor (plus I think it’s fairly neutral!). Because I loved it so much, I decided to keep it for myself (I can Christmas shop for me, right??) but I also got a smaller speaker called the Opal Bluetooth Speaker for my sister as her gift. Because she loves pink, I went for the rose gold colour (again, it comes in 4 different colours!). Did I mention they all come in very cute little boxes? Currently if you buy 2 or more items, you get free shipping! Woohoo!
    And here’s another perk: Use code “thedelilahblog” when you checkout for 15% off!
  3. POPCORN MAKER – For Him
    What man doesn’t love snacks? Whether he is a health nut or a junk food lover, a popcorn maker is the perfect gift that doesn’t break the bank. Throw in a big bag of popcorn kernels in his stocking to throw him for a loop before he opens the gift! For a more retro look, try this popcorn maker!img_8588
    A beautiful set of patterned wine glasses are a perfect addition to any home. These are especially great for any woman in your life who loves to entertain in her home, have her girlfriends over, or enjoy family dinners. I don’t know about you, but I tend to put my wine glass down and forget which one is mine! Now by having differing patterns, it is easier to remember which glass is mine.img_8559
    Great as a stocking stuffer for your daughter, or as a small gift for Mom, these sherpa-lined slippers are sure to be well-loved. Soft, warm, comfortable, and come in 3 different colours. Pair with a few packages of hot cocoa for a cozy night at home.img_8542
  6. WINE RACK – For Him & Her
    A rustic 5-bottle wine rack could be the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. Under $50 and versatile in nature, this rack can be displayed anywhere in your home to show off some of your best wine or simply help with storage.img_8570
  7. COZY BLANKET – For Her
    I always think that blankets make great gifts because I am almost constantly cold. So maybe this is personal, but from what I can tell, most of the ladies in my life love a cozy blanket too! Because I am a nanny for a 4-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, these little munchkins were also on my list this year! Since the movie Trolls came out, they have been completely obsessed. When I saw this blanket at Bed Bath & Beyond, I couldn’t resist! A fuzzy, multi-coloured Trolls blanket for the little girl – something I know she’ll love. There are also really cute Trolls pillows in both the male character and female character available. For a more adult-ish cozy blanket, I love this one from Chapters Indigo.img_8547
    A couple of years ago, my husband bought me a beautiful make-up palette from Smashbox that I still use almost everyday (and you can still find it HERE). He found it on my Pinterest board, and I was genuinely impressed with his skills for looking to my Pinterest for ideas! All this to say that I highly recommend a palette like this for any woman on your list. This Light It Up set comes with 3 different mini palettes – eyes, lips, and contour. It’s a little bit of everything, plus it comes in a beautiful neon box that she can reuse. The value of the set is $82, and right now it’s on sale for $29!! I also love this primer from Smashbox, as well as this mascara!img_9777
  9. FOR THE HOME – For Him & Her
    We all have that person on our list that seemingly has everything, so I found a couple of more generic items that are great staples for the home. First, this Brita Water Filter Pitcher is something that I would ideally have had in my home years ago (my husband is very particular about his drinking water) but only recently added to my fridge. Let me tell you – it is SO convenient to have around. So it may seem like a trivial thing, but could be a great gift!
    Secondly, everyone can use another set of great bath towels. I personally needed to retire some old ones, so getting some fresh towels at Christmas would be a happy sight! I love these white Canadian Living ones, especially when I have guests stay over at my home. Plus they are easy to clean because you can just bleach them to keep them nice and white! P.S. Bed Bath & Beyond is having some amazing clearance sales right now, and you can get these towels for a great price!img_8579
  10. DATE NIGHT – For Her
    Maybe I’m the only romantic out there who thinks that having my husband buy me his idea of a beautiful outfit for a special date night he planned is potentially the best gift out there? I doubt I’m alone in this… So boyfriends and hubbies… Get out there and shop for a cute little number! I am currently obsessing over tulle or pleated skirts with a lacy detail top, like this outfit from Lemonberry!  Check out their online shop for these exact pieces (tulle skirt here, and black top here) plus more stunning pieces to add to her wardrobe, and watch for gift cards coming soon!
    Another great addition to this gift would be a mani/pedi certificate for her favourite salon! If you don’t know her favourite and live in Toronto, I highly suggest Coco Beauty Bar on Bloor St! They do an amazing job every time. And for any of my hometown (Windsor) friends reading, check out SpaXS Nail Bar for a really great experience.lemonberry

Because these items are small, I’ve decided to link them under “Stocking Stuffers” for you. Of course, if you’re doing gifts only and don’t have to think about stockings yet (lucky you!) then you can definitely still use these items as gifts!
Bed Bath & Beyond has a pretty large pet selection, which is great if you’re a dog-lover like me! Olive is definitely my baby… #noshame. So naturally, I had to pick her up at least one thing while I was shopping. This fire hydrant toy is so durable, which is amazing because Olive pretty much destroys every toy I give her. So far, this one is still in tact!
Next, I am dying over this Umbra Spoon Rest because it’s actually cute enough to have sitting out on your counter while having a very useful purpose! Great stocking stuffer for the person who does the cooking in your house, or at their own.
A very practical but necessary gift for the coffee lover is this Coffee Maker Cleaner. Several people on my list have either a Keurig or Tassimo machine, and who knows the last time it was properly cleaned!
Finally, for the sports lover there are lots of great stocking stuffer and gift options at Bed Bath & Beyond. We found this football-shaped stress ball at our local store, but you can see all of the sports-related paraphernalia online by clicking HERE.


I hope you spotted at least one or two things on my guide that were helpful to you for this busy Christmas season! Best of luck with all your shopping, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram because I have several holiday GIVEAWAYS coming over the next couple of weeks! Happy Shopping!


Kristin xx

*This post was sponsored by Bed Bath & Beyond, Baskits, Quartz Audio, Smashbox, and Lemonberry. All opinions expressed are my own honest evaluation of the products and were not influenced by the sponsors*

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These are such great gift guides. I love being able to get a bunch of gifts from one place as well. I love the guys gift basket! We are doing a gift exchange this year and I got a guy and this would be perfect for him. And fortunately looking at this list I see a lot of things that I want LOL. Doesn’t that always seem to be the challenge when Christmas shopping? Hope you’re almost done with your shopping. Thank you for sharing babe! xx


Thanks Alyssa! I’m glad it was helpful for you!! I still am not completely finished, but this was a huge help for me… Merry Christmas!


this stuffs of gift idea its gorgeous babe
great post ,great photos <3
kisses from Greece


Thanks Oanna! So glad you liked it. Hope it helps with your shopping too!


Omg I love that popcorn maker! Need to go get myself one ?❤ all of these are great!


Awesome gift guides! Thanks for sharing 🙂


You’re welcome! Glad it was helpful girly!


Oh my gosh, so many goodies here. I need to add some of these to my list

Filipa xxx | Instagram


Glad you found some things that were useful!!

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