Is anyone else out there SUPER busy, or is it just me?… Okay, I didn’t think so! Between my husband and I,  we generally have two weeknights per week that we don’t have something else going on. That can make for a busy schedule, and especially gets difficult when trying to plan meals! So when I had the opportunity to try Hello Fresh, you can bet I jumped at it!

Hello Fresh is a company that was started by two young entrepreneurs in 2011, and has since seen it expand to countries around the world in the (almost) 6 years following. When something spreads that quickly and successfully, you know it must be good! And trust me, it is! Their website gives a great illustration that shows the consumer just how it works:

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 1.18.23 PM

One of the great things about this company is that they provide options for people in different circumstances who might be interested in their product. There are 3 different types of meal plans to choose from: Veggie Plan, Pronto Plan, and Family Plan. Each plan provides 3 meals per week within one delivery. With the Pronto Plan, you can choose if you want enough ingredients to cook for 2 people or for 4 people. The Veggie Plan is only available for 2 people, and the Family Plan is only available for 4 people.

I went with the Pronto Plan, since it is just myself and my husband, and neither of us are vegetarians! I also love that all the recipes included in the Pronto Plan are simple to prepare and take under 30 minutes to make. And best of all? Three meals for two people is only $79.99!! I’m pretty sure that’s less than what we spend on a date night out, am I right?! Did I mention it’s free shipping? 🙂 For more information on their delivery areas in Canada, click here.

So here’s the thing… I loved this service SO MUCH (and will definitely be using it again!) that I want you all to try it as well! Hello Fresh has graciously given you all a discount for your first two boxes of $60 OFF! Crazy, I know! All you have to do is use my code “DELILAH-60” in the promo code box when you’re checking out (if you decide to only purchase one box, you will be given $30 off). I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did! Below are a couple of photos of meals that I prepared from scratch with the ingredients provided (and devoured). The first is a Hoison Pork Stir Fry over rice, and the second is a Chicken and Pear Spinach Salad with goat cheese! My mouth is watering all over again…




Kristin xx

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This looks so good! And what a crazy deal. Thanks for sharing the goodies.

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