One thing that I have become much more aware of since becoming pregnant and then breastfeeding is what I use on my skin. You have seen me try out lots of different skincare and beauty products via my Instagram and here on the blog, and I used to be very nonchalant about all of that stuff. But now that I know what I put on my skin soaks into my skin and is therefore in my body, and that is a body I share with my son in so many ways, I know that I need to be conscious about what I use. I am by no means an “all-natural, organic, etc.” type of person, but I do think it is important to be aware of the things we put on or in our bodies – particularly as mamas.

So when I was asked to review Kalaya Naturals – a Canadian, medically-directed company – I was really interested to learn more. Kalaya products are safe, natural formulations, which are extensively researched and tested. I am someone who often has dry skin that seems, at times, impossible to moisturize (especially in the winter months!) and I can honestly say that the Hand Cream and Moisture Cream both leave my skin feeling soft and hydrated after even just one use. Oh and mama’s, did I mention the Moisture Cream is completely safe for babies!? Win-win!

Something else that they offer is a Pain Rub which minimizes joint & muscle pain on contact. It contains the “anti-inflammatory benefit of natural arnica, a proven fast-acting and long-lasting natural topical pain rub and anti-inflammatory preparation to help relieve discomforting pain.” I am not sure what I ever did to my shoulder, but I often experience a dull pain/muscle discomfort there, so I was really excited to try the Kalaya Pain Relief Rub and see how it worked! It immediately feels cool and somewhat tingly on your skin, and really does relieve the pain! I have been using it daily (when the pain arises) and I am so happy to find a product that works for me.

Finally, as someone who – admittedly – prefers body wash to bar soap, I was skeptical that I would actually like the Oatmeal, Goats Milk, & Honey soap or the Emu Oil Soap. But I was pleasantly surprised with both the smell and the feeling of the soap bars! I have been using them consistently and love the way they leave my skin feeling.

Are you a more self-aware person when it comes to what you put on your skin? Or are you more like I was – blissfully ignorant? 😉 I really encourage you to check these products out if you are looking for something that is both safe AND works! You can find this full line-up of products in a convenient kit here.


Kristin xx

*This post is sponsored by TSC and Rogers, however as always, all opinions are my own*

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I’m all for natural products that are non toxic and not bad for your body, but I’ve never heard of Kalaya before! The creams sound great, definitely a must-have in your beauty arsenal!

xox Kirsten


Yes, I thought you might like this post!!! And it doesn’t hurt that they smell delicious too! 🙂


Such a great review! It’s a first for me to hear about this line and sounds like a wonderful brand. So helpful for new mamas out there esp. since they’re all natural. <3

Sweet as Fiction xx


I’m definitely trying these out! Thanks for sharing this, helps me not have to research the entire web for a safe product!


It smells delicious and feels so smooth on your skin, too! Double win!


Nice information shared!! Before going to bed, I always make sure that my skin is nice and clean.Wash off dirt, which might be invisible, and use I prefer to use a gentle cleanser on my face. Our skin will ‘repair’ itself overnight, and does that best when clean.


Yes going to bed with a clean face is definitely important! 🙂 Thanks for sharing your routine!

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