Two and a half weeks ago, Dave and I went to the hospital for my anatomy ultrasound. This is done around the 20-week mark (5 months) and checks your baby from head to toe… Including checking for the gender if you want to find out! We did, but we decided it would be fun to do a little get together with our families and to be surprised all together at the same time. So we asked the ultrasound tech to write down the gender on a paper and put it in an envelope for us so. For TWO WHOLE WEEKS I had this envelope and didn’t peek (I promise!). One of my best friends was the designated “finder-outer” of the gender so that she could help me prepare a really cool gender reveal.

After a lot of searching on Pinterest, I found an idea that I really liked and decided that would be the way we would reveal the gender. It included a large, opaque black party balloon, lots of confetti, and helium. I thought this idea was super cute – that the parents-to-be would sit under the balloon and pop it above their heads so that the confetti flew out all around them – great for photos! So my friend set out with the gender-envelope in hand to buy the correctly-coloured confetti and go to the party store the morning of the reveal to get the balloon prepared.

Our reveal theme was Bows or Arrows, which I really loved because it was, again, unique and not super “gender specific” though I did definitely girl- and boy-it-up to make it more differentiated. We used bows for girl (like hair bows) and arrows for boys. I had cut out glittery gold bows, and black arrows with double sided tape on the back so that each guest had to choose their guess for Baby Pitman and wear it on their clothes for the reveal. I added this theme into as much of the decor as possible, as you can see from the photos.








A few tips and tricks I want to share with you, because I am really happy with what we chose for the reveal and I thought it was really cute, but if I could do it over again there are a few things I would change! I still stand by this being a great, unique idea rather than cutting into a cake or letting balloons fly out of a box (both of which are also cute ideas, no offence to anyone who has used those! I just wanted to do something different).


1) Get a friend, not a family member, to help with the prep of the reveal. This means that you and everyone else in your family are completely surprised together and no one in your immediate family is “in the know” before you!

2) Make sure that the friend you are asking to help is the most reliable, organized, and trustworthy friend you have… Seriously, this is a big deal!!! (Thanks, Sheila! xx)

3) Make an appointment with a party store in advance to ensure that they have the proper materials needed (the right kind of balloons, helium, ability to put confetti inside, etc.) and leave yourself extra time to have them get the balloon ready. Sheila told me that they actually popped 2 balloons full of confetti before getting it right! AH!

4) Use tissue paper (or similar) style confetti. This is the lightest confetti you can get it and it bursts so nicely up into the air and then floats down. I was nervous that this confetti was going to be literally ALL OVER my house, but it stayed pretty contained and was fairly easy to clean up! Find what I used here.

5) Pick a theme and DIY some cute decor. Leading up to the event I kept saying I wasn’t going to “go overboard” with decor because we were just having an intimate gathering with only family… But I am so glad that I decided to make some cute decor to spruce up the table, because now looking back on the photos I really love what it looked like! There are so many cute ideas out there, and Pinterest (as usual) was my best friend!

6) Provide some delicious food for your guests to snack on. I decided to do a full brunch since it was just our family coming over, but I honestly didn’t do much of the cooking. My mom did most of it, along with some help from my mother-in-law and most-trusted friend 😉 But even though it was brunch, I needed something sweet to top off the day, and went with these gorgeous and delicious cupcakes from Short & Sweet Bakeshop! They also filled them with blue icing as a second “reveal” (it was also nice to have a back-up reveal just in case the balloon didn’t work properly for some reason!)


1) Expect professional-looking photos if you hand a camera to one of your family members at the last minute and tell them to “point and shoot.” 😉 I am so glad we got this captured on video and photos, but I think in my mind I was hoping for that perfect shot, even though I didn’t ask anyone to prepare for this in advance.

2) Use metallic confetti. We didn’t do this, due to the fact that I read some great reviews beforehand and also under the advice of the party store we used. Metallic confetti can be sharp and could potentially cut the balloon from the inside. It is also very heavy and will fall quickly, making for a confusing “reveal” moment if no one actually saw the colour before it falls to the ground!

3) If you can help it, don’t do the reveal indoors. We had to due to it being a bit chilly and windy outside, but I do wish we could have had an outdoor reveal for better lighting in photos. If you don’t care about the pictures so much, then inside works just fine! I just thought I would point this out for any other photo-fanatics. 🙂

4) Forget to tell your goofball husband that you have several people trying to get the perfect photo and he should WAIT for the full countdown rather than trying to be funny and popping it early! *insert eyeroll here* haha, we counted down from “5” and Dave decided to pop on “3”! We still managed to get a few good shots, but my Boomerang was toast!!!


20170422-IMG_0615SHOP MY LOOK: DRESS (similar) | NECKLACE | HAIR |

I hope this helps you, if you’re looking for a great gender reveal idea! And if you didn’t get it from the photos above… IT’S A BOY!


Kristin xx

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Congratulations love! This is so exciting! 🙂 Have you picked out boy names? Will definitely take these tips into mind when my time comes to find out the gender.

Sweet As Fiction xx


We haven’t picked out names yet… Still in the “throwing around” process 🙂 Thanks girly!


Congratulations again!! I loved watching your story that day. It looked like such an incredible moment! The confetti was so perfect 🙂

Something About That


Aw thanks Jackie! It was honestly just so much fun, and great to do everything with family 🙂


This is so cute!! You did such a good job on the decor!
That’s so funny that he popped it early! Lol guys are so silly ??

xo Jenn


Oh my goodness, he’s such a goofball!! Part of his charm… 🙂 Thanks Jenn!


Love your Bows and Arrows theme! Especially your straw decorations – so cute! We love reveals with confetti because you can do them indoors or out if you happen to have inclimate whether – even though you may end up finding confetti for week! That’s half the fun!

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