This past weekend, Dave and I got the opportunity to have a mini-getaway to Muskoka thanks to Ford Canada! We were loaned a fully-loaded Ford Flex to drive up to the JW Marriott Rosseau resort in Muskoka and enjoy some relaxing time away, and to escape the winter that was (I’m using past tense here, with my fingers crossed!) still plaguing us last week! Thank goodness by Sunday it had started to warm up to normal spring temperatures, and we actually got to use one (of the three!) sunroofs in the Flex! Before I launch into the details of our trip, I just want to share with you our initial impressions of the Ford Flex features, and why we completely fell in love with it by the end of our getaway.


20170409-IMG_0472 LULULEMON PANTS (great for maternity!)

I should start by saying that our current vehicles have no real “bells & whistles,” so we were loving the built-in GPS navigation system, Sirius radio, SYNC voice-activated controls, and the individualized climate control system! For some of you, these may be things you are used to in your vehicles, but for Dave and I it was a luxury! 🙂 The seats were extremely comfortable, and although there were only two of us riding, we could have fit another five people into the car PLUS luggage, comfortably! And each section of seats has its own sunroof, which I think is totally awesome. This vehicle is so practical for families, and people like us who have a bigger dog that we travel with! The back seats fold down completely into the floor, creating a ton of space for luggage or a pet! The only thing about this car I didn’t love initially was the look of the outside. I don’t love boxy-looking vehicles, so it didn’t strike my fancy at first. But after driving the car for the weekend, I would quickly toss aside my preference because it was such an easy vehicle to drive.




Okay! Now for the getaway details. We left Toronto on Saturday morning with the idea that we would make a stop or two along the way – unsure of what those stops would be! When I realized that we would be passing an old-time favourite burger joint that I used to visit on my way up to camp every summer, I knew we had to stop for lunch there. Does anyone else know what Webers is?? If you don’t, next time you are passing through Orillia you need to stop at this restaurant! It is right off the highway, and delicious… And you get to eat inside of a train!… Maybe I’m just nostalgic.





Just a little further down the road in Gravenhurst, we decided to check out what was around the “downtown” area. We stumbled across the cutest tea/coffee/barber shop… Yes, a coffee shop with a barber in the back! It is called Tea Beards, and if you are ever in Gravenhurst you should definitely stop here. The owners are so friendly and nice – she runs the cafe, and he is the barber! Dave needed a haircut anyway, so we thought, “why not!?” I drank a delicious decaffeinated organic tea while he got his fade on.



From there, we headed to our final destination. We were lucky to stay at the JW Marriott Rosseau, which was a bit quieter due to being in the off-season. However there were still a good amount of people around, so it didn’t feel “dead” at all, but it wasn’t crazy… In my opinion, the perfect balance! Every interaction we had with the staff at the JW was so friendly and helpful. At check-in, we were upgraded to a one-bedroom suite with a balcony from our originally-booked studio room. The room had a gas fireplace, a kitchenette, a large 4-pc bathroom, and a beautiful king-size bed. I like that the decor still had a cottage/rustic feel to it, but didn’t feel old or tired. We ate at the Muskoka Chophouse for dinner, which was a real treat, and they surprised us with a delicious creme brûlée as a congrats for our baby-on-the-way! So sweet (figuratively and literally)!



On Sunday after sleeping in, we ordered a delicious breakfast to our room and enjoyed every last bite of our buttermilk blueberry pancakes and vanilla yogurt parfait. I was also treated to the most heavenly pedicure I’ve EVER HAD at the Spa Rosseau before we had to take off back to Toronto. All I will say is this: cinnamon and nutmeg-scented heated neck pillow. I was so relaxed.



Though we didn’t want to leave Muskoka, we weren’t dreading the drive back to the city because half of what made our experience so great was the car we got to drive! So a huge thank you to Ford Canada for this amazing getaway – we had such a fantastic weekend!


Kristin xx

*Ford Canada paid for all expenses of our trip in exchange for this post.
All opinions are 100% my own!*

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Webbers is always a must-have stop! Great post. Ford does have amazing vehicles 🙂


Yay, you know Webers too!! 🙂 Thanks girl!


This looks like so much fun!! And 3 sunroofs?! Amaze!


Yes! This car was seriously awesome!


It looks and sounds like you had such an amazing trip! Totally jealous!

And YES – Webers! I used to be obsessed with their French fries as a kid. I haven’t been there in years, but it looks like it’s stayed the same.

Something About That


OMG so glad you know Webers!!! I walked in and immediately felt like home haha it’s been so long!


Your trip looks so amazing! I’m not usually a big fan of boxy cars either, but there’s something about the Ford Flex that’s always caught my eye. That dress you’re wearing looks incredible on you – your maternity style is so chic!!



Thanks Ciara! It was such a fun trip, and you’re definitely right about the car! Thanks for the sweet comment <3

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