Basically ever since we got our dog Olive, I have been eyeing a Dyson vacuum. As much as we love our little hairball, she is just that – a Husky/Rottweiler mix that sheds like nobody’s business! Our previous Shark vacuum did a pretty good job, but it was coming up on 4 years old and definitely losing steam. It never really excelled at picking up the dog hair either, so when Mason started crawling I knew it was time to replace the vacuum.

Enter the new Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead: a sleek, powerful cleaning machine designed with ease in mind. Before I go on with my review, I need to let you know something important: this vacuum is TSC’s Today’s Show Stopper on Sunday July 29th (but really, the deal starts tonight at 10pm!) and I bet you it is going to sell like hot cakes so you’re going to want to get over there ASAP and get yours while you still can. Plus, it comes with additional accessories that I don’t even have, so…. lucky you!!!!

OK – back to the review! 🙂

Outside of the fact that the suction on this thing is amazing and picks up the hair, dust, and dirt effortlessly, one of my favourite features is that it is cordless. Upgrading from a corded vacuum to a cordless vacuum was a HUGE game-changer. Our home is in an older building and there aren’t a ton of outlets in convenient places, so I always found that I had to move the plug to different outlets at least once or twice while vacuuming the house. The V10 boasts 60 minutes of fade-free power, and I’ve never experienced it running out when vacuuming my home.

Another feature about it that I love is that it is so easy to store. It comes with a dock that can be attached to your wall, close to an outlet, so that you can hang up the vacuum when you’re finished using it and it will sit on the charging station getting ready for the next cleaning sesh! I keep ours hanging discreetly between our TV unit and the wall so that it is both hidden and easily accessible. Also in this dock are places to click in the 2 replacement heads (tools) that the vacuum comes with. I love this because I never know where to put those extra pieces, so this makes it very convenient and compact.



If I had to be critical about this product, I would perhaps comment on the fact that you use a trigger-button to power the vacuum and you must be holding it down the whole time, otherwise it will turn off. It’s not really something I notice anymore, but it did take some getting used to. Secondly, although the body of the vacuum is extremely light, it is more top-heavy so you may have to adjust to that as well. Again, both of these things aren’t even close to reasons why I wouldn’t buy this product – I think it’s great and will probably be a Dyson-lover for life now!

I used to hate vacuuming because it felt like such a hassle! But honestly… I kinda love it now! The V10 makes my life so much easier, I am vacuuming everyday, sometimes multiple times a day (yes guys, my dog sheds A LOT). To some people that may not sound too crazy, but I was really only pushing myself to vacuum once a week prior to having the Dyson, and really I needed to be doing it more often than that! This vacuum cleaner is SO worth every penny (lol I love that expression because will my kids even know what pennies are??!) so be sure you check it out on TSC today while you can get it at an amazing deal!


Kristin (and Olive) xx

*This post was sponsored by TSC and Rogers, however as always, all opinions are my own*

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So funny that you mentioned getting used to the trigger button. I has the same complaint when I got my dyson but you do get used to it. Its honestly the best device to clean with and makes vacuuming seem not so much of a chore. Thanks for the review 🙂 I’ve been looking into upgrading my dyson to the V10 and will look into switching!

Sweet as Fiction xx


Hi Delilah, I came across your blog on Pinterest and was intrigued as my daughter’s name is Delilah! You have a lovely blog and I love the photos you’ve taken of the V10 in this review. Its great to hear that the battery runtime has not caused you any problems with the V10 as there have been mixed reports of this from other users.


Hi Robert! Thanks for checking out my post 🙂 My name is actually Kristin, but that’s a common mistake — so cute about your daughter though! Hope you found the review helpful.

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