I’m a few days late, but I thought I would post about my fun Halloween costume from this year! I got inspired initially by a couple photos I found on Pinterest of DIY Deer Make-up. Some really pretty ideas out there, and I immediately wanted to try it! So I started scouring the web for tutorials, and stumbled across the great Lauren Conrad’s tutorial on “party animal” costumes, including deer antlers! Check it out here!

I decided to make a few adjustments, since I left my costume-making to the last minute! I went to Michael’s craft store to buy everything for my headband, and unfortunately they were sold out of the faux fur in the colour I wanted for the ears. But no matter, I decided to simplify and use felt instead. I bought dark brown and a light beige for the ear-inners, and still used floral wire to keep them sticking up straight (and also to adhere to the headband). But I’m getting ahead of myself…

First, here are the items I used to create my deer headband: plastic headband, pipe-cleaners (colour doesn’t matter!), brown paper bag (or brown wrapping paper works too), fake flowers, floral wire, hot glue gun, brown and beige felt (or you can use faux fur like L.C. does in her tutorial!), brown acrylic paint, and flour & water for old-school paper-mâché!

Now for the steps of my deer-headband-antler-creation! 🙂

1) Plug in your glue gun so it heats up while you’re getting prepped.

2) While the glue gun is heating, grab two pipe-cleaners and position them on your headband where you want the antlers to be. I ended up using 2 pipe-cleaners per antler (cut them as you need to!) to create the smaller pieces of antler that come off to the sides

3) Now create your ears. Cut the dark brown pieces of felt a bit bigger than you want them, so that there is enough space to wrap about 3-5 cm around the floral wiring. Now cut the beige felt into two small triangles to fit inside the dark brown as the ear “inners”

4) Use your glue gun to adhere the beige triangles to the brown triangles

5) Cut two pieces of the floral wire which will outline the dark brown felt, leaving 3-5 cm of room to fold the felt over the wire

**HINT: Make the wire pieces long enough that they stick out the bottom of the ears and can be used to wrap around the headband to keep the ears in place! I didn’t do this and had to poke holes in my ears to put the wire through and wrap around the headband.

6) Use the glue gun to hold the folded over part of the felt to the wire. Let dry completely. Set aside.

7) Make paper-mâché using flour and water (or you can use mod-podge, I just didn’t have any on hand!). I also used brown wrapping paper because I had it on hand.

8) Tearing into strips, dip the paper into the paper-mâché, pulling off any excess “glue.”

9) Wrap around the pipe-cleaners. Continue until completely covered. I used 2 layers.

Because I was in a rush, I used a blow-dryer to help aid the drying process. Once the antlers were dry, I used brown acrylic paint to give a nicer colour to the antlers. Let dry.

10) Once the antlers are dry, attach the ears to the headband using the excess wire that you left sticking out the bottom of the ears.

11) Finally, pull the heads of the fake flowers off your plant, and use the glue gun to stick them on the headband between the antlers. I also used some of the leaves on my fake plan on the back of the headband to cover up some of the not-pretty looking back parts of the antlers!

12) TA-DA! Deer antlers! 🙂

This dress was a lucky find, as a last minute purchase for my costume when I realized I own hardly ANY brown at all! Searching online quickly, I found something that looked like it would work for under $25 at Forever 21. When I got to the store, they of course did not have my size, but I lucked out and spotted this simple cotton 3/4 dress for $13.90! STEAL! It worked perfectly with my costume, and I was thrilled I spent under $40 for everything total.

The make-up ended up being really quite easy as well – I just copied off of a few photos I found on Pinterest. Essentially, you’re using a lot of bronzer, alongside of some pale powder, concealer, light beige or white eye shadow, and liquid black liner. I also picked up a cheap pair of false lashes to give a more dramatic look to my eyes.

I also FINALLY convinced my hubby to do a couples costume with me… He really only consented because he hadn’t done the necessary work on his “pizza delivery boy” idea. But it ended up working out so well! We were “The Deer Hunter.” His costume came exclusively from Walmart and Dollarama, and he spent under $50 total as well! Can you say bargain?


Kristin xx

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