I am absolutely late to the draw on this one… But I have been stuck in dreamland lately, waiting for spring, and reminiscing about my recent vacations. Then I realized I haven’t blogged about my cruise yet! I am a procrastinator at heart (if you haven’t yet noticed!) so I tend to leave things like uploading pictures from my camera and editing then for much too long. However, tonight, I pulled my camera out and got to those long-lost photos! And here I am to show you a small glimpse into some of the highlights of my cruise on the Carnival Glory.

The Glory left out of Miami, FL and stopped at four ports before returning back. Those were Half Moon Cay, Bahamas; St. Thomas, Virgin Islands; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos. I can honestly say I loved each one of these ports for different reasons.

Half Moon Cay was an absolutely stunning beach, and because it is Carnival’s private island in the Bahamas, the crowd was actually manageable and we could find some beach chairs and have our own space. I didn’t, however, bring my DSLR to the beach because I really just wanted to soak up some rays and swim in the ocean! So here’s a couple from the trusty iPhone. By the way, that cute “wrap” I’m wearing is actually a towel from SandCloud! Find it here, and use my discount code PITMAN25 for 25% off your order!

In St. Thomas we got the opportunity to go on a cable car which took us to one of the highest points on the island to look out over the city and the ocean around it. Though it was a huge money grab, it was still worth it… What a view! I would put more photos up, but I have so many I can hardly choose. These are the ones that I find depict my memories the best.

I looked out at all those “tiny” houses on the hillside (which, after closer speculation on a couple that were nearby, realized they weren’t so “tiny” afterall) and dreamed about what it would be like to own a vacation home on St. Thomas.

We did meet a guy who was a local, and he said that the home we were looking down on from the look-out was worth about 5 million… In his words, “not that much.” *jaw drop* Maybe I’m just a simpleton, but 5 million dollars is a whole lot more than “not that much,” my friend! Give me 5 million dollars if it’s so expendable!

San Juan was a personal favourite because there were a lot of little shops around the town with great deals and a chance to barter! I do love my bargains!

It also really lent to my explorer side. So many beautifully built homes, monuments, and buildings. The architecture in San Juan really reminded me of Spain, which is one of my favourite places in the world, so naturally, now so is San Juan!

There were also a plethora of stray cats around… But not the dirty-looking kind. The cute, friendly, clean, kitten-looking kind! This one followed us around for a while. How could I not give her a little bit of attention?!

Our final port was Grand Turk (hubby repping our Toronto Maple Leafs below!), and I was actually looking forward to this one the most. Though I was a bit let down due to the amount of people we had to share the beach with, I can honestly say that the view was absolutely stunning. The water was so incredibly blue, and we spent most of the day in it surrounded by schools of little fishies! It was really a fun (and also slightly unsettling) experience. Maybe I’m just weird, but I kept feeling like the fish were going to bite my toes haha!!

This was my first time on a Carnival cruise – I have cruised with Norwegian and Royal Caribbean in the past – and I really enjoyed it! I would say that the highlights of this cruise (outside of the ports) was both the food and entertainment. Which are two of the most important things! We loved almost every single meal we ate, and went to the shows every night, and they were always phenomenal! They really pride themselves on hiring good entertainers, and they do a great job. The ship we were on (the Glory) I found to be a bit small, especially on days at sea, with limited on deck seating and smaller pools. But we made the most of it, and only had 2 days out of 6 at sea anyways! All in all, we had an amazing vacation, and I cherish all the memories we made!

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Kristin xx

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