Last week I was invited to attend a dinner & workshop with Canola Eat Well and Chef Elia Herrera! The night was full of connecting with new people, eating delicious food, and learning more about the benefits of cooking with Canola oil. We also had the chance to hear from a Canola farmer, Jeannette Andrashewski, who shared both the excitement and challenges of the job. I really enjoyed hearing from her, as I could feel the passion for her work radiating from her as she spoke. It is few and far between these days to find people who truly, truly, love what they do.

My biggest takeaway from this event was discussing the benefits of using Canola oil as opposed to other types of cooking oils. As someone who – as I’ve mentioned before – isn’t exactly the chef of my own kitchen, I really had no concept of the different types of oils and their benefits. Here are a few reasons why I will be cooking with Canola Oil from now on:

It’s HEALTHY!  Canola oil contains vitamins E and K as well as omega 3 fats. These are good fats that can help protect against heart attacks and strokes, and we need to actually get these from food as our bodies don’t produce them organically. Something else I didn’t know is that olive oil is high in saturated fat. Canola oil on the other hand has about half the amount!

It’s got a NEUTRAL taste! This makes it a perfect oil for baking and cooking. There is no lingering flavour or aftertaste – rather the canola oil actually absorbs the flavours of other things you’re using to spice your food and enhances it.

It has a HIGH HEAT tolerance (as high as 242 C/468 F)! Canola oil is great to use on the BBQ (this was so good for me to know because we BBQ a lot, especially in the summer!) Other oils break down and lose their nutritional value at high temperatures, but not canola oil!

It’s CANADIAN!  Canola is grown by over 43,000 family farmers on the Canadian Prairies. I always love buying local, Canadian products when I can, so this was a really great thing to learn as well. As Jeanette – the Canola farmer – reminded us, “Everytime you buy a bottle of canola oil, you are supporting a Canadian farmer. That could be MY bottle of canola oil in your pantry!”

Now for a glimpse of some of the delicious food made by Chef Elia (and we even got to help with the churros!) at the #CanolaConnect event. Photo credit to Canola Eat Well.

Do you use canola oil when you cook? I know it is going to be a staple in my pantry from now on!! Big thanks to the Canola Eat Well team for having such a fun and delicious event and allowing me to be part of it.


Kristin xx

*This post sponsored by Canola Eat Well, however as always, all opinions are my own*

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Thanks so much for taking the time to come and learn with us! It was a pleasure to host you. Keep in touch.


It was such an educational and FUN night!! Thanks for having me <3


I enjoyed reading this. I learned something new. I will pass this information onto my wife as she is the one who dose most of the cooking in the house.

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