Natural Beauty + Vobath & Co

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of sitting down with Diana, the owner of Vobath & Co – a local Toronto company dedicated to creating natural beauty products that are both beautiful and great for your skin. Since I use an array of products for my skin and body, I was intrigued when Diana … Continue Reading

Smile Brilliant + Giveaway!

Put up your hand if you’re a coffee-aholic! Okay, now you tea-drinkers, it’s your turn! I for one can say that I start everyday with a cup of coffee, and tend to have at least one more cup later on plus some tea before bed. That’s a lot of liquid that can cause staining on … Continue Reading

Summer Beauty Picks

Does anyone else feel as though their beauty faves change with the season? For some products, mine definitely do! So as I have tried several different products this summer, I thought I would share some of my top favourites with you all! Please comment and let me know what your faves are, too, so that … Continue Reading

Weekend Essentials

If you’ve been tracking with me on the blog, you know that a few weekends ago I enjoyed a #BigWorldExplorer Staycation, courtesy of, at Delta Toronto. If you didn’t read my blog on this, go do it now! Seriously… Stop reading this, and go read that one, then come back! The weekend was so … Continue Reading

Take a Chill Pill… It’s Just Your Wedding Day

One of my lovely Instagram followers commented on a recent wedding throwback photo asking me how I was able to keep calm on my big day, and then suggested I write a blog post about it! So this one is dedicated to you, Julianne! (Check out her Instagram by clicking her name!) Okay, ladies, let’s be … Continue Reading

Deer Halloween… It’s Been Fun

I’m a few days late, but I thought I would post about my fun Halloween costume from this year! I got inspired initially by a couple photos I found on Pinterest of DIY Deer Make-up. Some really pretty ideas out there, and I immediately wanted to try it! So I started scouring the web for … Continue Reading

Lip Luxury : Summer Picks

I love this hot pink shade! I stumbled across it two years ago in a Victoria’s Secret gift package that I received from a friend. It came with a mini tube of this shade and I became completely obsessed! I found out, to my dismay, that they didn’t make the lipstick in a full lipstick … Continue Reading