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You may remember that before I had Mason, I wrote a post about my experience with shopping for baby items and how it could be extremely overwhelming with all of the options that are out there! Carseats are definitely no exception, and as if it’s not hard enough just picking one I actually ended up with two (and I think most people do!). The first carseat – infant “bucket” seat – was a hand-me-down from family (newer model of that one here). The ease of being able to put our newborn in the bucket seat and not have to worry about unbuckling him to take him inside, or being able to buckle him in while inside when it got cold outside, was very nice. And the thought of not being able to do that anymore was not a thought I liked – especially since Mason also often fell asleep in his carseat when we were driving (you want to avoid waking a sleeping baby at all costs, mama!!!).

When I really started to consider moving Mason into a convertible (permanent) carseat, it was simply because he was getting so heavy to carry in the bucket seat. I almost couldn’t lift it anymore once I buckled him in, and I realized that although he hadn’t reached the weight or length limits, I was reaching my limits!! 😉 So after careful consideration, here are the reasons I switched him into a Convertible Carseat:

  1. WEIGHT: as I just mentioned, Mason was too heavy for me to be carting around in the bucket seat. He is a big boy, so I think for some people this might not be a factor until your baby is a bit older, but at 6 months Mason was 18lbs and I knew I couldn’t go for much longer!
  2. WEATHER: I definitely tried to stretch it as long as possible before making the transition because of the fact that winter was holding on for dear life. I originally thought I would wait just until March (when Mason was 7 months old) to make the switch, but since it was a little bit colder than I thought, I waited until the start of April (8 months old).
  3. WELL-BEING: I started to realize that Mason was looking squished in the infant seat (again, he is a bigger baby) and felt that he might be more comfortable in a bigger space. Sure enough, when we put him in the convertible seat, he seemed happier and more at ease to be in the car. This reassured me that we made the right decision, in spite of the fact that at times it could be inconvenient for me.

There is no “right time” in my opinion to make the transition.. I think it just depends on your own personal preferences as well as what your babe seems to like! Of course you need to keep the requirements for carseats in mind, but I would definitely recommend this seat as it is so easily adjustable as your baby grows (and can technically be used from newborn if you don’t want to buy 2 different seats!). It even turns into a booster seat, which I think is really great!

Have you made the transition into a permanent car seat? What were the factors that you considered when you made the switch? Would love to hear!


Kristin xx

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