For this post I am partnering with Buybuy BABY to share with you a few of my favourite toys to help keep my sanity… I mean… keep Mason occupied. 😉

Any other mama’s out there feel like they have the world’s busiest (non-mobile) kid? I feel like I am running a full-time baby obstacle course most days – I think I’m going to have my hands full when Mason starts crawling & walking!

The first and biggest toy is this Skip*Hop Explore & More 3-Stage Activity Centre. The very best feature about this is that it is a piece of baby furniture that you can actually keep around and use for more than a few months! It transitions from a seated activity centre to a play table for babies learning to stand, and then again into a table (toys are removable!) perfect for toddlers and young children to sit and play, colour, etc.! There are a cute little set of 2 chairs you can purchase separately for that stage as well.

Outside of it being extremely versatile, this activity centre (unlike so many others) is very aesthetically pleasing. Yes, it has the fun bright colours on the toys, but the structure itself is a clean white & grey which is great for people like us who keep our baby toys in our main living area. On top of that, it is quite compact and doesn’t take up the whole room (again – very important for those of us living in apartments!).

A few other features of this activity centre that I like are:
1. The keyboard can be moved either to the bottom platform for foot-play, or on the tabletop for hands (it also has a setting which makes the music play just from vibration if your baby isn’t hitting it straight on!)
2. The bottom platform is adjustable depending on the height of your baby
3. The toys are all removable or can be placed anywhere on the tabletop (they also stay in place extremely well once positioned – suction and clip)
4. The seat swivels easily for baby to move around and play (I’ve found some seats are more difficult for him to turn himself around in, but this one is not sticky or tough at all)


Another great transitional toy that we purchased is the VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker. Again, another toy that can be used in multiple stages! Right now we love it for tummy time play and supported sitting play. But soon enough I know Mason will be itching to walk around with it, too!

Finally (and we’ve been using this one since Mason could hold up his own head) is the Jolly Jumper. Again, since we live in a small apartment, I opted for the doorframe model but it is also available with a portable stand which I know some people prefer. I love this toy because it gives Mason some feeling of independence, and I can sit at the table next to him and get some work done or do the dishes/clean up, etc. I have found this toy to be particularly helpful in allowing me to have some independence too! 😉

Do you have any toys that have been exceptionally helpful in keeping your busy baby distracted? Do share below… I’m taking any tips I can get!!


Kristin xx

*This post was sponsored by Buybuy BABY, however as always, all opinions are my own*

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