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In case anyone was wondering, no, Mason has not gotten any less busy! In fact, he is probably at the most busy stage of his life: approaching age 2! In just under a month, he will hit the dreaded terrible twos, but I’m just thinking it can’t possibly be more crazy than the last 6-8 months… can it?! Something that he has been absolutely obsessed with lately (and I am not over-exaggerating here you guys, it is intense) is playing with doors. He would rather open and close a door for hours than play with any other toy on the planet! It’s funny at first, but when all the heat starts pouring into your air-conditioned house along with who-knows-how-many bugs… it’s frustrating to say the least! haha

However, I am thankful that he loves playing outside, especially at the park (where there are no doors in sight!). Climbing, slides, swings… these are a few of his favourite things. So in an attempt to make our lives even a tiny bit easier, we decided to get something park-like for the backyard as a home-based activity for him. I found this awesome climber/play structure at buy buy BABY and knew immediately that it needed to take residence in our backyard.

Something I love about it is that it has a few different activities in one. It’s not just a slide, it’s also a rock climbing wall. On one side, for smaller toddlers with a window to climb through at the top. And on the other side, the whole wall is a rock climbing wall for slightly older kids who can climb all the way to the top and over the wall on to the platform. Of course, there is also a ladder to get up and two steering wheels so both you and your buddy can drive at the same time (this is important as we all learn to share).

I did feel like the backyard wasn’t fully complete without a resting spot/snack station. So we also picked up this cute picnic table for Mason and his friends to get their food & water breaks after lots of climbing and sliding. It also comes with an umbrella for backyards with no shade or extra protection!

So if you have a busy one (or two or three) like me, I would definitely say this climber is a worthwhile investment. I should also mention it was super easy to put together – Dave and I didn’t even argue while doing it! 😉 Happy playing!


Kristin xx

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