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Less than one week until Christmas, and I hope I am not the only one who has left my baby’s gifts last! I figure he doesn’t really know what’s going on this Christmas anyways, so what I’m going to get him has been the last thing on my mind. As a busy mama, I know how difficult it can be to get out and accomplish Christmas shopping in general, and I had a bit of a hard time figuring out what to get my little one (who is just 4 months old) since he was showered with lots of things upon his arrival into the world.

So for your convenience, I did some research, shopping, and brain-racking and have rounded up 12 items that I think make great gifts for your baby (or your niece, nephew, friend’s kid, etc.) and almost all of them can be found at buybuy BABY. I have also included some items from a newer Canadian company that I discovered at a local event and fell in love with!

1. Bath Accessories

One thing we didn’t buy a lot of for Mason before his arrival was bath accessories. Mostly because we knew that he wouldn’t be spending lots of time in the tub as a newborn and we didn’t have lots of space to store things we weren’t using right away. Which is why I think bath toys, towels, or this great Skip*Hop Moby Waterfall Rinser is a great and inexpensive gift!

2. Stroller Toy

Another thing that we didn’t buy for in the newborn stage was stroller toys, because well, all he did was sleep in the stroller! Now that he is much more interactive and getting bored when he’s strapped in, something to distract him is much more necessary. I love this one from Skip*Hop!

3. Cool Mist Humidifier

Apparently this is a must-have for babies (so I’ve been told) so I decided Christmas was the perfect time to add it to the nursery. I like that this one is neutral and also has an adjustable “spout” so that it can be pointed in whatever direction you want the mist to go. However if you want something a bit more “cutesy” this same company also makes animal-shaped humidifiers!

4. Stroller Accessories

I know that eventually (and sooner than I think!) we will be needing all those little stroller add-ons. There are so many things for strollers out there, but I think this is one of the more practical options, since it not only acts as a lap bar but also gives the child a place to put a sippy cup, toy, or snack. Since we have the Baby Jogger City Select LUX, this is the tray we got for Mason.

5. Warm Blanket

What baby can’t use another blanket? I really love this muslin blanket as it is made of 4 soft layers creating a super cozy nest for your little one. It also has different patterns on the front and back, so it kind of acts like two blankets in one! 🙂

6. Foam Floor Tiles

This might not be for everyone, and to be honest I didn’t initially want to get these for my house. But I caved because we have a dog that sheds a LOT and the area rugs in our house are seemingly teeming with dog hair – I just don’t like putting Mason down on them without a blanket to play on. So I decided to replace one of our rugs with these neutral foam tiles for safe play (with hopefully less dog hair).

7. Bambeanie & Bowtie

As I mentioned earlier, I stumbled across BLVD Baby (a Canadian company started by a single mom-boss) at The Modern Mom Show earlier this year and fell in love with their super soft baby beanies. I bought Mason one in grey and he wears it ALL THE TIME – I knew I wanted to get him another one for Christmas. So I hopped onto their website and discovered that they also make the same “bambeanies” for adults! *jawdrop* So, obviously, we are all getting matching black beanies for Christmas. I saw that they also sell snapback hats, bibs, leather suspenders and bowties (which double as bows for headbands for little girls!) and I have been looking for a cute bowtie for Mason, so, add that to the list too!

8. Activity Mat

Since Mason already has a Dockatot with a toybar (if you have a Dockatot but no toybar, I would recommend that as a gift as well!), I wanted to get something that focused more on tummy time fun (something that all babies should be doing everyday to work on that neck strength!) and I stumbled across this cute tummy time prop & play mat. Doesn’t hurt that its under $50 compared to a lot of other mats which are over $100.

9. Books

I don’t think any parent would be upset to see their child get more books for Christmas. My hubby thought these Star Wars books were cute, and although they’re a bit old for Mason yet, we are adding them to his library for future reference!

10. Sophie la Giraffe

Mason received the teething ring version of this Sophie toy at one of his baby showers and he absolutely loves it, so I knew the original version was going to be one of his Christmas gifts. For some reason this toy totally captivates his attention – and I’m all for that!

11. Changing Pad Cover

Originally I hadn’t purchased a cover for my changing pad as I figured it would need to be washed 24/7. However, the pad that I purchased had little gray stars printed onto it which are now rubbing off so I wanted to cover it with something. Not to mention the bare pad can be kind of cold on their little naked bums! I am a fan of the aden + anais brand and love this one.

12.  Textured Ball Set

These toys are for 6M+ but I know Mason will be there before I know it. He loves colourful toys, and I think these will be great for his sensory development.

I hope this guide was helpful to any of you who, like me, have been scrambling to get those last few gifts checked off your list before the big day! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone!


Kristin xx

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These are great ideas Kristin! I love the bathrinser!


I’m glad you found them helpful 🙂 xx

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