If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I have started going to a new gym and will be starting a 6-week challenge tomorrow for both fitness and healthy eating (more on this to come in blog post form once the challenge is complete!). Because of this, Dave and I will be focusing on finding healthier alternatives for meals. Something that caught our eyes a while ago was this new trend of air frying food rather than deep frying! So I am excited to be partnering with TSC for this post to show you the Wolfgang Puck Large-Capacity 7L 1700-Watt Air Fryer/Roasting Oven – which by the way is now on mega sale for under $150 AND is part of TSC’s Culinary Event TODAY ONLY meaning you can get it (and any other Wolfgang Puck items) on Easy Pay (6 monthly payments of $22.49)! *woot woot*

It wasn’t a hard decision on what we should try first: FRENCH FRIES! The process was super simple. We just cut up the washed potatoes into wedges, spritzed a little bit of cooking oil on them (this isn’t “necessary” but is recommended to get a bit of crisp and flavour!) and a dash of salt, then tossed them up and put them into the basket of the fryer. The manual that comes with the product also has a few recipe ideas in the back, and for fries it suggested about 20 mins at 400F, tossing halfway through.

I think we cut the wedges a bit thick, as we had to cook for a bit longer than the recipe suggested (probably about 30 minutes in total!) but it got them a little crispier on the outside and nice and soft on the inside! If you’re in love with french fries like me, and looking for a healthier alternative I would highly suggest this! They were delicious — not your typical deep-fried french fries but I was really quite impressed.

I am so excited to try out more foods in this air fryer/roaster and see how it turns out! Apparently you can even cook from frozen in this baby! Although it is a larger kitchen appliance, I think it is worth it for the amount of food you can fit inside. We definitely could have done 3x (or more!) the amount of fries… In retrospect, we should have because they went down very quickly! 😉


Kristin xx

*This post sponsored by Rogers and TSC, however as always, all opinions are my own*

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