Hi there – thanks for stopping by! My name is Kristin, and I am the creator of this space: The Delilah Blog. I am married to an amazing man and the love of my life, Dave, and we have a 1-year old son named Mason + a fur-baby named Olive. One question about my blog that I get often is, “Why name your blog after someone named Delilah if your name is Kristin?” Well, let me tell you a little more about me – the girl behind the blog.

I have always been passionate about all things fashion, and I wanted to have an outlet where I could express that in a more creative way. So as I was sitting outside in my backyard one sunny summer afternoon, I began to brainstorm ideas. I love to write, I love to take photos, and I love to wear clothes that are stylish and affordable for the everyday fashionista… Maybe I should start a fashion blog! This is where the first seed was planted. You may know me previously from Sincerely, K.P. which is where it all began for me. However, soon after beginning my journey into the fashion blogging world, I came across a “few” other Sincerely, Something’s. By a few, I mean truckloads… Being that I want to be original and have my own unique voice, I began to think of new ideas for my blog.

Years ago, I had a friend who had a long shaggy mop of hair that fell unstyled on his head, and I couldn’t stand it… In the name of fashion, I pleaded, CUT THAT HAIR! If you aren’t familiar with any Bible stories, here is where I have to interject with a side note: Sampson is a man in the Bible whose supernatural strength given to him by God was a secret that his enemies wanted to know so they could take him down. Delilah, who was a woman on the side of Sampson’s enemies, was sent in to tempt him into telling her the secret of his strength. The secret was his hair – he could never cut it or he would lose his strength. Eventually, Sampson does tell Delilah his secret, and she proceeds cuts his hair while he is sleeping. Of course, the parallels end there – I didn’t creepily cut my friend’s hair while he was sleeping – but I did convince him to cut it. From then on, he called me Delilah in jest. I always thought it was a pretty name, and when I began thinking about a unique name for a blog that both represented me and encompassed my passion for style, this popped into my head!

And so, The Delilah Blog was born.




I would like to buy whatever your selling please.


Hey Kristin, so fun to see your blog and your style! I’m super impressed! The last time I saw you, I think you were about 6 and totally adorable! I don’t know many other bloggers personally, so it’s fun to see that we share the same passion for sharing our stories! Good luck with all your endeavors!! ☺


Wow, Cindy! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for your kind words! I looked at yours as well – how cool! You are so talented 🙂


I really enjoy your blog Kristin ! I love the story of how you named it ! ???


Thanks so much for checking it out and reading the story, Bev!

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