I have talked about this a little bit in a previous post, but I decided it was time to talk about a few things that I have learned in the last 4 months of being a mother. Some other mother’s may disagree with my conclusions – feel free to let me know! – but I thought it could be helpful to share with you the top baby products I am SO thankful I have, and the ones that I could live without. Within the things I could live without, I’ve also talked about a few things that could easily be added to the “daily” list, so be sure to check those things out too!


1. Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor
Although I didn’t think I would use this until I moved Mason into his own room, I was actually so grateful to have it even when he was sleeping right beside me in the bassinet. For the first several weeks of his life, I went to bed when he did – so really there was no “need” for it. But soon after when I was going to bed at a normal hour, I liked that I would be notified if something was wrong – even just being in the next room. Now that Mason is sleeping in his own room in the crib, I feel so much more secure knowing that his heart rate and oxygen levels are being monitored and I will be alerted if they dip below/above normal levels. This is an investment, but trust me – it’s necessary for your sanity! You can also get the Connected Care app which tracks your baby’s sleep patterns which I find to be really cool.

2. Video Monitor
It may seem repetitive to have two different baby monitors, but if you’re a worrier like I am then you’ll understand why I find this so helpful! Not only can I hear Mason, but I can easily click on the video function and make sure he is okay. We registered for the Summer Infant Wide View monitor, which I find to be pretty good but would potentially look for one in the future that has the capability to move the camera remotely instead of manually.

3. Swing
Having a swing has been a saving grace. Although in the beginning Mason wasn’t overly keen on it, he quickly grew to love the swing and it was/is often the only way I can get things done around the house. He loves watching the mobile and listening to the music, and for a while he took most of his naps there. Now that we are sleep training he naps mostly in his crib, but I do cave every once in a while 😉 We got our swing second-hand from family, but you can find it here.

4. Car Seat Cover
I have talked about it several times, but we absolutely love our OVer car seat cover. It is one baby product that I use almost every day. It acts as both a shade and a wind-breaker, as well as providing me the ability to “shut out the world” if Mason gets a little overstimulated when we’re out and about.

5. White Noise Machine
We actually have two of these – one is the on-the-go Sleep Sheep which is battery operated and can be easily attached to a crib, carseat, bassinet, swing, etc. and is the size of a small stuffed animal so is easy to travel with. The other is a nightlight/noise machine Owl Soother by Skip*Hop that stays in his room. I like both of these for different reasons, and we often use them both simultaneously as Mason is first falling asleep. The Sleep Sheep only stays on for 25 or 45 min increments, but the Owl will make noise as long as it is on (since it plugs in). When you live in a small apartment, it is nice to have something that blocks out the background noise as your baby falls asleep!


1. A Million Swaddles
It is true that in the first couple of months I used swaddles everyday for everything… but I probably could’ve made do with 4 or 5 instead of my current 10-15. Mason didn’t really love being swaddled, either, and now it is recommended to use a sleep sack with your baby instead of a swaddle anyways (Sleep Sacks are something else we use every night, and love the GroBags which Costco sells in 2-packs!), so we only did it for the first little bit. I do like to have one handy in the diaper bag as an extra layer or in case he spits up or something, but we don’t use the swaddles hardly at all anymore. Perhaps in the warmer weather they will feel more useful again!

2. Baby Bathtub
Thankfully we didn’t actually purchase one of these, we were given one second-hand from family, but I think we used our baby bathtub a grand total of 3 times. Mason screamed bloody murder in it the first couple of times, so we tried him in the sink with this Blooming Baby Flower and he immediately started loving his baths. Soon after, I just started using the flower in the actually bathtub and laying Mason on top of it – now he loves his baths! The cold, hard, contoured shape of the baby bathtub just did not work for us – not to mention storing it somewhere!

3. Ear Thermometer
Eventually I will use this, I know, and I am grateful to have it already. But it’s not necessarily something I needed to put on my baby registry to have before Mason was born since I won’t be using it until at least 6 months of age. In newborns, the most precise way to take a temperature is rectal, or the easier (and less squeamish) of the two is under the armpit. Either way, you aren’t using a digital ear thermometer and perhaps something else would be more beneficial to have right from the get-go.

On a side note, I would recommend only registering for the things you really need/want for baby right away – plus maybe a few “down the line” things. Because people will purchase whatever you put on your registry – even if it’s not the most logical thing to have for your newborn. If you do less items, but keep them in the realm of things you really need you are less likely to be scrambling to buy those necessities before baby is born.

I hope this has been helpful to any mama-to-be’s or people buying for new mama’s! I am curious to know what baby products you have found to be a saving grace vs. unneeded? Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and hope everyone has an amazing end to 2017 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂


Kristin xx

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Thanks for compiling this list! Super helpful for someone with lots of baby showers in her life 🙂 You wanna spoil your friends.. but not with useless gadgets!


Yes, exactly!!! I’m glad it was helpful 🙂


I totally agree there are so many things you think you need before baby arrives and then once that bundle of joy gets here you realize half the stuff you probably didn’t need after all haha! that was my experience. I’ve also found a noise machine helpful for my little guy to sleep at night and we have the nestcam which I couldn’t live without!
Great post 🙂


Thanks Kate! It’s so true haha I thought it might be helpful for some mamas-to-be out there, or people buying for them!! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

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