I have been on a real brunch kick recently… Blame it on the pregnancy, or just solely on the fact that brunch is possibly the best meal of the day! Either way, I have recently tried 3 spots that I really liked, and would recommend to anyone looking for a good brunch. 🙂 In no particular order, here they are:

  1. La Société131 Bloor St. West
    I had the pleasure of visiting this restaurant a couple of weekends ago with a few other local bloggers. From the floors, to the tables, to the wall decor – La Société has created a beautiful, aesthetically-pleasing space for patrons to enjoy. And the beauty doesn’t stop at the visual! The food is equally as kind on the eyes AND the stomach! I was craving sweet & savoury on my visit, so I went for the waffles with a side of bacon <insert heart-eyed emoji here>. It was a pretty fair-sized stack of waffles – one that I looked at and thought I wouldn’t be able to finish… But I think the baby had another plan, because they went down no problem at all! Although a bit on the pricier side, it does have several options for someone looking to spend a little less… And for those of you who love mimosas, you should check out the “all-you-can-drink” deal!!


  2. FIGO Toronto – 295 Adelaide St. W
    I had heard about this spot from a few different people, and seen it pop up on Instagram from time to time, but had never actually made it out to try it for myself. So when the opportunity arose to meet up for a brunch date with a new friend, I thought it was the perfect chance to see what all the fuss was about! FIGO did not disappoint! It too is a gorgeous space (perfect for bloggers & photographers who like bright, airy photos!) and very open-concept. Pricing is fairly average for a downtown brunch spot – not cheap, but not too expensive – and the food was really delicious! Did I mention I went here with another mama-to-be? Well… After we devoured our lattes and brunch, we also opted for the double-scoop gelato for dessert. #noregrets


  3. The Drake Hotel1150 Queen St. W
    Last but not least, I most recently tried the brunch at The Drake Hotel. Since I went during the week, they have a smaller breakfast/brunch/lunch menu than they do on the weekends (you can find that menu here) but there were still lots of delicious options to choose from. Plus, it is nice to find a restaurant that serves brunch items during the week! My eyes were immediately drawn to the avocado toast to which the server suggested I add poached eggs to (which, of course, I did). The only bad thing I have to say about this dish is that the crust of the sourdough bread was a bit tough to cut through, but it made up for in flavour. I would 100% go back to this place just for the avocado toast, but I did see several other things pass my table that I thought looked delicious! So I guess this is on my “re-visit” list!



So there you have it! My 3 recommendations for brunch in Toronto… At least for now! You can bet I’ll be checking out more places soon, so stayed tuned! What’s your favourite brunch spot in the GTA?


Kristin xx

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I’ve heard so many good things about Figo and La Societe. Need to check them out after your review! The food looks amazing. Thanks for sharing!

www. sweetasfiction.com


They are both so delicious!


Yikes, I’ve only tried 1/3 of these brunch spots! I think that needs to change. They all look fabulous!

Something About That


Get on those other 2, girl!


I love La Societe for brunch! I’ve been meaning to go to Figo for brunch but still haven’t made it there – and I only live a block away. Definitely going to make a point to go soon now after hearing your great feedback on it!



Oh you definitely need to try! It’s so good. 🙂


Ah yesss great choices! Toronto has SO many great brunch spots. I absolutely loooove La Societe and I’ve been meaning to check out Figo for awhile!! By the way that picture of you with the CN tower in the background is AMAZING, love it!!!


Aww thanks Kirsten!! That’s an older photo but I thought it was fitting for the post 🙂

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